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An Interview With : Ben Savage (Whitechapel)
16th December 2016, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

A lot can happen in ten years. Celebrating their decennium this year, Whitechapel commemorate the moment with their brand new ripper Mark Of The Blade. With subject matter ranging from personal issues to the more inclusive fierce fan base the band have developed. Regardless of whatever genre you might be in, to be carrying on for ten years deserves a pat on the back. However Whitechapel are special kind of entity, one that has since grown with each release. Pushing their sound forward, whilst remaining the same. Getting flack for the incorporation of (shock horror) clean vocals on their latest album, it seems that these are just minor issues that fans will of course get their heads around. Catching the band on their Never Say Die headline run of shows we were able to speak to guitarist Ben Savage about just what Mark of The Blade means to the band and of course their fans.

Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore And Allegaeon Announce Tour
13th December 2016, 17:05
Posted by Tristan

What a way to celebrate Metal Blade’s 35th anniversary.

Live Review : Never Say Die
9th November 2016, 15:48
Posted by Tristan

Featuring : Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Obey The Brave, Fallujah, Make Them Suffer and Polar! 

Whitechapel Release Emotional Video For “Bring Me Home”
27th October 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

No doubt one of the most emotional songs in the band’s history “Bring Me Home” has gotten the video treatment but it’s not exactly the usual set up. 

Whitechapel Release Video For “Elitist Ones”
27th June 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Following the release of their brand new album Mark of The Blade, Whitechapel have debuted a brand new video for “Elitist Ones“.

Album Review : Whitechapel – Mark Of The Blade
24th June 2016, 14:30
Posted by Tristan

Identity, one of the most important aspects of truly establishing a following. Changing their formula with the polarising self titled record Whitechapel are no strangers to experimentation. Having released Our Endless War back in 2014 the band were beginning to refine their already somewhat iconic sound. Having celebrated their tenth anniversary performing a sense of identity is now more important than ever. Returning in 2016 with Mark of The Blade, Whitechapel state their claim as true pioneers of the Deathcore genre. 

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An Interview With : Phil Bozeman (Whitechapel)
21st June 2016, 18:00
Posted by Tristan

 Genre specific limitations can often leave a band confined, boxed into a particular sound. Leaders in the Deathcore movement, Whitechapel have now shed their adolescent skin to become an altogether completely different entity. Growing both musically and emotionally with each release, the band continue to refine their sound. Releasing their latest and most experimental effort yet, Mark Of The Blade this week we were able to speak to Phil Bozeman regarding the current state of Whitechapel, ins and outs of recording the brand new album and what it means to still be here celebrating all the band’s achievements ten years on. 

Jam Whitechapel’s “Void”¬†
19th May 2016, 14:45
Posted by Tristan

Whitechapel return with their second single to come from their recently announced new album Mark Of The Blade.

Whitechapel Announce Mark Of The Blade Album
27th April 2016, 18:15
Posted by Tristan

Whitechapel will return this year with a brand new album and a new song is available right now.

Whitechapel - The Brotherhood of the Blade
DVD Review : Whitechapel – Brotherhood Of The Blade
30th October 2015, 18:32
Posted by Tristan

The growth of a band is truly something remarkable, with Whitechapel beginning as one of the poster boys of the “scene” with their album’s This Is Exile firmly leading the breakdown charge, slowly but surely the band began their evolution. With the help of a change of line up, the band then released the slightly more melodic A New Era of Corruption. Pushing the envelope even further with not much respite the band decided to unleash their self titled record ensuring that their indentifiable and remained yet began to implement more experimental ideas. Which brings us to the present, releasing their most ambitious work to date the band unleashed Our Endless War last year. Hitting the road hard on the back of the release the band wanted to lift the lid on the Whitechapel story bringing us to The Brotherhood of The Blade.