Album Review : Sikth – Opacities
4th December 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

As the modern day of technology seems to be all consuming it was only a matter of time until it found its way into the realm of music. Now with Axe Fx patches here and profiling there it seems that many of the band’s in the modern day Metal scene could be seen as similar. Rewind some ten years to the small seaside town of Brighton where six Britons were crafting a sound that was ten years in the making. Releasing their eponymous cult classic Death of a Dead Day tragically the band broke up. Slowly but sure accruing a multitude of fans aided by the mystery of the ever possible beacon of a reunion the silence was at last broken last year. Following their brilliant performance at Download the band embarked on a tour, stupefied by the success the band resolved that they would be back. Now tomorrow the band will be unleashing their upgraded EP come Mini album on the world, was it worth the wait?


1. Behind The Doors

2. Philistine Philosophies

3. Under The Weeping Moon

4. Tokyo Lights

5. Walking Shadows

6. Days Are Dreamed

Length: 27:00
Label: Peaceville Records
Release date: December 4th 2015

Immediately we find out what Sikth have been cooking up “Behind The Doors” as our first track starts. Bare in mind the band have been absent from the scene for quite some time and yet in one fell swoop have reinvigorated the hallmarks that make a Sikth record. Incorporating the dual vocal attack of Mikee Goodman and Justin Hill musically playing off each other throughout. Gathering momentum the band pick up grooves whilst offloading melody. Making sure that the technical ability is topped up but but brought back slightly from the acrobatics that was the band’s previous album.

For those looking for something utterly revolutionary then perhaps look elsewhere simply because Sikth have already revolutionised the Metal world some ten years ago. Stating originally that the EP was going to be something to give back to the fans you can tell that the band were first and foremost thinking of their audience. That’s not to say there aren’t some elements of the experimental on there. The absolutely brilliant single “Philistine Philosophies” is the mini album’s definite high point. Perhaps due to the length of the mini album the band were working in slight constraints.

A return of the off centre soliloquy is present in the form of “Tokyo Lights” with the onomatopoeic speech of Goodman mimicking “Mermaids Slur“. The mini album itself feels perhaps like an extension of the band again due to the shorter length this I believe is just the tip of the iceberg. No doubt the band will be going for the full monty on their next record, which with the added time will allow for more free flowing thoughts. This doesn’t go to say that the absolutely devastating grooves of first track and the pantomime like delivery of our singers doesn’t still go down an absolute treat and are easily a vital addition to the band’s already blasting catalogue. Pulling back the reins on technicality this time the focus was more on song writing itself.

With Opacities, Sikth announce their real return. Having performed their shows last year the band were no doubt itching to release new material. Understanding how important they are in the Modern Metal world doesn’t mean that this release is anything short of stellar. Nevertheless it’s making sure that Sikth are ready to be welcomed back. I for one, welcome the group back with open arms with this brilliantly written, statement of intent. Sikth have proven who rules the technical roost once again and are merely gearing up for the real revolutionary masterstroke in the form of their full length but until then you would do well to follow in the band’s magnificent footsteps.

Sikth have indeed returned. Nevertheless this is only the tip of the iceberg, no doubt with a full length album the band would have had more room to experiment. Opacities is an absolutely fantastic statement that in 2015 Sikth still reign supreme.