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Album Of The Year #1 : Iamthemorning – Lighthouse
1st December 2016, 13:07
Posted by Tristan

For those who might have been following us for a couple of years, you’ll know that in the month of December in celebration of all the genius that has come out throughout this year we pay tribute to twenty four of the best possible releases to come from the year. Twelve from myself and twelve from Chris. In an effort to celebrate all of the best material that the year has thrown at us. Despite it’s truly shocking track record, electing  Trump, Bowie, Rickman, Prince and far too many more passing on, 2016 has indeed been an absolutely fantastic year for music. Moving right across the board of Metal and perhaps some more odd choices we give you our Album of The Year list 2016.

2016 Best Music Releases So Far
23rd May 2016, 14:10
Posted by Tristan

2016 certainly has thrown down the gauntlet in terms of Metal releases. Despite us only just coming into the month of June so far we have had some absolutely astounding releases. From comebacks to phenomenal debuts, expansive work to avant garde madness this is a list chronicling just some of the newest releases this year. Today we will be looking at some of the releases from the first third of the year and boy are there some truly top additions.

Iamthemorning Cover
An Interview With : Marjana Semkina (Iamthemorning)
26th April 2016, 14:10
Posted by Tristan

In the UK alone the rate for depression based suicide last year was at a staggering high. Often swept under the rug, depression can be one of the most serious mental illnesses out there. Not receiving the support needed people they are beginning to turn to other sources. Music has long since been a coping mechanism for many, emotions become more vivid, lyrics take on different meaning. Loosely based on the life and times of Silvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, Russian born Iamthemorning have created their latest masterpiece in the shape of Lighthouse. Acting as a beacon of hope for lost ships, the album is an emotional tour de force moving throughout the various planes of depression. We were very lucky to be able to be walked through Lighthouse by the band’s very own Marjana Semkina. Speaking about the imagery, metaphorical or otherwise, the singer illuminated the various different themes tackled on the conceptual story. Coupled with the album’s creative process and the band’s plans for the coming year. Join us as we take a stark and honest look into the world of Iamthemornings’s Lighthouse.

Iamthemorning Announced As Final Band For Be Prog! My Friend
19th April 2016, 13:43
Posted by Tristan

Adding to an already fantastic line up we see the Russian talents of Iamthemorning join the ranks of Be Prog! My Friend.

Album Review : Iamthemorning – Lighthouse
31st March 2016, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Manifested in limitless forms depression can be one of the most malicious ef entities. The metaphorical weight of the mind crippling the will for even the simplest of things. Present in life for centuries yet still foreign and misunderstood foe , bouts of hysteria may ebb and flow leaving the illusion of safety. Aiming to study this affliction Iamthemorning create Lightouse.  Loosely based on the life of Virginia Woolf, the Russian duo welcome us into their world of introspection and fierce search for understanding.

Iamthemorning Release Brand New Track
1st March 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Everybody’s favourite Russian duo are back with the announcement of Lighthouse their brand new album set to arrive in April and have premiered a brand new track. 

Iamthemorning Announce Brand New Album Lighthouse
28th January 2016, 18:01
Posted by Tristan

The Russian duo will be unveiling their latest release on April 1st and it is no April fools!