Suicide Silence And Their Triumphant Return
27th March 2017, 17:36
Posted by Tristan

They say that you make your mind up about a person within 10 seconds meeting them. Quickly made, judgement can often be wrong after the initial reaction. Putting their backs up against the wall, this year Suicide Silence released their polarising self titled record. Almost universally panned by fans, though personally I loved the record, it has been somewhat of a divide in the fan base. Wrapping up their first run of UK shows in London, Suicide Silence bare their newly sharpened, slightly adjusted teeth to the crowd tonight.

Following a criminally early start, it’s a Friday so no surprises there, we jump straight into Deez Nuts’ set. An interesting choice as support, the band leaning more towards the Hardcore tendencies than the Deathcore foundation you might expect, the band are exactly what you might expect. Kicking up the Hardcore proverbial dirt, Deez Nuts don’t mess about but in the end have a pretty lack lustre performance. Finishing off with the delightful “Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You” the band take their leave tonight. Nevertheless their job has been done and the crowd are warmed up for the main act at hand.


Adorned by a blood red light, the imposing logo of Suicide Silence hangs as an ominous backdrop. After the lights go out following a Korn introductory song, immediately Suicide Silence are out of the gates. Bursting into life, the entire band are positively feral with opener “Doris” immediately ripping people away from the bar and into the pit. Easily the most controversial song the band have released, for those unsure about where they stand, go and see this band live. The amount of energy displayed here is absolutely astounding. Making for the newer material to be well and truly understood.

Having never seen Suicide Silence live before it’s no secret that the band can play. Smashing through the classic Cleansing number “No Pity For A Coward” the combination of Heylmun’s ominous sweeps and the deafening roar of the crowd screaming “Pull the trigger bitch!” is a real sight to behold. Not to mention later when the band get angsty with the vulgar salute of “Fuck Everything“. The sheer magnitude of the band is truly staggering particularly given the venue isn’t as busy as it should be.


Performing five tracks off the new record, its no surprise that fans are somewhat led astray with the newer material. Nevertheless as a hardened fan, the madenning descent of “Silence” ‘s finale is an experience in itself, not to mention the true malevolent atmosphere created in the carnival-esque mantra of “Dying In A Red Room“. Though despite all the idiot Metal media writing click bait articles about the band breaking their equipment, which they did more than their fair share of following the end of their set, Suicide Silence are not losing it. They’re not going crazy and having a breakdown. Far from it in fact. The band understand exactly what they are doing and amidst the unhinged wailing there are smiles to be had! Particularly since it’s Eddie’s birthday which we are reminded off in the pie face extravaganza which leads to a speaker cab being carried into the crowd.


Here Suicide Silence are alive, inspired and truly vital! Leaping into the crowd for the final section of “Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down” you’ll be forgiven for thinking Hermida might not come back! Of course the classic crowd pleasers of “Unanswered” and an absolutely massive “You Only Live Once” are hurled out from the crowd but it’s the new material that see the band, at times being their heaviest! Because everyone is a critic in the Metal world nowadays, I urge you don’t listen to the fans. Don’t listen to the morons posting online about how the new album is tripe. Go and experience the band live. The entire album takes on a totally different meaning when in the context of a live setting. As much as people might disagree, Suicide Silence are absolutely phenomenal and the fans who could have easily packed out the Koko could well have missed out on one of the most dangerous, unhinged and truly untamed performances of the year. Their loss.