Sepultura Concert Cancelled In Egypt
7th June 2016, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Set to perform their first ever show in Egypt just as the band were heading into the venue the plug was pulled. 

Sepultura decided despite the ongoing controversy and with them being a large scale band that they would somewhat run the gauntlet and aim to play Egypt. Scheduled to perform in Ciaro’s Nile Country Club when the entire venue was suddenly pretty much under police observation as the police moved in demanding to see the relevant paper work for setting up a show like this. 

The crowd of fans had been asked to move and the band told to essentially pack up and ship out. Aiming to try and maintain the show, one of the promoter’s Nader Sadek, who himself is in a Death Metal band was apparently was trying to move the show to a small villa in Sheikh Zayed. The crux of the problem was that when asked to produce persimissions Sadek could only produce permission from the Musicians Syndicate. Who’s head Hani Shaker, completely turns around and calls the band devil worshippers and the usual. 

It’s known that Metal isn’t exactly the most supported of genres around the world and tends to cause controversy but surely there must be some form of line in this day and age!