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Hellfest Funding Pulled After Refusing To Pull Down From Fest
8th February 2016, 20:00
Posted by Tristan

Previously when seen the actions of Down frontman Phil Anselmo had a horrific impact on the Metal community and have since seen some pretty drastic consequences which are not letting up.

The Full Anselmo Fiasco
1st February 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Earlier this month the event Dimebash was held in honour of the guitarist who almost everyone in the Metal community know after his tragic death on stage. In celebration of this lovely man a show was held where things did not go as we might expect them to.

Say Hello To Scour Feat Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Phil Anselmo
1st October 2015, 18:11
Posted by Tristan

Phil Anselmo might be one of the biggest personalities in Metal but it also seems he is one of the busiest. Setting up band’s left right and center  among running his own horror festival the man can now add this band to his impressive roster, Scour.