Live Review: For Today + Loathe
31st October 2016, 11:05
Posted by Chris

And so it ends For Today. The Christian metalcore outfit have decided to call it a day after 11 years on the road, and play their last ever UK show.

No, we here at The Metalist have not found religion, but there are a couple of reasons why we attended the last show of For Today. First and foremost is that I do actually believe that the band offer something a little more than the standard metalcore from a music perspective. Second is that I am fascinated by the following that the band have, and the paradox that is offered between metal and conservative Christian culture. And third, big things are happening for the support Loathe, and we had to be a part of that.

So let’s talk about those new mysterious djenters Loathe first. The band have only released a short EP but have already offered the metal community something to be excited about. ‘Prepare. Consume. Proceed‘ was something intense on record, but the live delivery is something that would need a few sharp-edged adjectives to describe.

It’s loud, it’s strange, it’s energetic – but what really caught my attention is how the show’s sound alone resonated like a soundtrack from a post-apocalyptic space opera. It has nothing to do with that theme at all, Loathe take the visual direction of being a bit mysterious to match their music. We don’t know where they are from, we don’t know what their ambitions are, but they did deliver a crushing performance. It’s the type of musical eccentricity we need in 2016, so expect some big things for this band.

And now come roaring on stage for their final hurrah, Iowa’s very own For Today, who received a very loud albeit small reception. In perfect honesty I knew nothing about this band before the release of their album ‘Wake‘, and didn’t know any history or values of the band before the first time I saw them live. To the general metal community, the band isn’t a huge loss. To the Christian alternative community, the disbandment is devastating.

The whole idea of running aggressive metalcore on parallel with religious sentiment in both record and live is such a fascinating prospect to me, and watching this band completely own their following made for an interesting watch. The band kick that notion straight into gear opening with ‘Break the Cycle‘, where one of the most energetic and and dedicated mosh pits break out.

There aren’t too many people filling the tiny Underworld tonight, but it is clear that those who have shown up to say farewell to For Today are passionate about the band, mouthing every word to better known tracks such as ‘Pariah‘ and ‘Broken Lens‘, and taking heed to every divine message that vocalist Mattie Montgomery preaches in between tracks.

The last time I saw this band their headline set only clocked at 37 mins which is something I truly had an issue with, but the band managed this time to stay on stage for a full hour, which given it is their last UK show I still think is a bit short. But maybe this is just what they do, short and sweet, deliver the message, and move on to where they are needed next. So farewell For Today, and God Speed.