Live Review : Decapitated And Sylosis At The Electric Ballroom
9th March 2016, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

In the ever expanding world of Metal tour packages are slowly becoming more and more eclectic. With the likes of many a band in the states opting for a variety in their performance tonight we are shown variety in a more European sense. Teaming up to head out together on a short co-headline tour British born Sylosis and Polish underdogs Decapitated should be polarising opposites but the pairing is a fantastic combination making for a variety in the very pedigree of Metal bands of the modern day.

March 7th 2016
Electric Ballroom
Support Bands: The King Is Blind

However before that however newly appointed The King Is Blind are here to warm up our Monday evening crowd. Banishing the beginning of the week Blues the band kick things into satisfyingly aggressive gear with their performance tonight. Flying the flag, along with Sylosis for Britain the band prove that there is a lot more to come from the British Metal scene. Having been announced as one of the performers at this year’s Bloodstock they stake their claim here tonight and would be one to watch when the time comes around!


Opting to go first our venue fills with the sounds of Tyskie’s clinking, Kurwa being shouted and in one case even a flag welcoming our Polish brethren Decapitated. Having previously headlined UK’s Tech Fest last July the band have scarcely had the chance to catch a breath owing to their relentless touring schedule. As the house music dies and the truly unsettling ring out of discordant leads pierce the audiences ears Vogg and co step out proudly onto the stage to the menacing hum of “Exiled In Flesh” immediately releasing their harvested energy with the two minute ripper it’s a pertinent statement to the spectacle that we are about to watch here tonight. Followed briskly by the vital “The Blasphemous Psalm To The Dummy God Creation” safeguarding the band’s reputation for delivering absolutely breakneck pace without sacrificing the fierce ability the band are known for.


Though just as they might be more than comfortable in the more concentrated bouts of aggression newer groove “Blood Mantra” shows that the band understands that all important settlement. With a set list predominantly spanning their later career, we are treated to select Organic Hallucinosis cuts “Post Organic” proving the inhuman ability behind Vogg and not to mention our sound man tonight who does an impeccable job. Retaining the airtight rhythm whilst enabling the diminished leads to cut through the mix giving exactly just the calculated dose of melody. Proving that new drummer Pawel is more than up to the task “Day 69” once more sees a sea of content head bangers here tonight at the Electric Ballroom. A change of pace to the lethargic “Carnival Is Forever” again sees this critical mass harvested until dispelled at exactly the opportune moment though it’s highlight of “Homo Sum” that sees the real brilliance of the new age of Decapitated shine through, a beautiful abstract solo section sees anticipation with Vogg’s once again strident guitar leads reaching fever pitch until finally releasing into their final verse. Finishing with their calling card “Spheres Of MadnessDecapitated’s tenacity to be one of the faultlessly destructive bands in the industry is unbreakable and with the band having solidified their new line up they have proven once again that this incarnation may well be one of the best.


Though tonight may have been billed as co-headline performance, from the absolutely deafening roar as Sylosis commanding introduction rolls it would appear that the crowd beg to differ. Having established themselves as almost a household name within the English Metal scene the band waste no time tonight in delivering an absolutely fierce “Indoctrinated” that despite it’s soft beginnings turned into a vortex of flailing arms and headbanging. Followed by the immediate “Teras” whose delivery even today stands the test of time. Having made the track their own the current line up absolutely hammer through the classic bridge section, with drummer Ali Richardson’s deafening crack of cymbals leading to believe that the drummer brings much energy that was sometimes lost on the front of drums. Despite the bands fantastic catalogue Sylosis’ delivery is everything tonight, storming the stage the band are confident, understanding exactly how to work the crowd making for the likes of quasi ballad “Leech” anthemic.


Utilising their time on stage to brilliant effect the band pick out the best of the bunch with Monolith material appearing for a destructive “Fear The World“, even managing to squeeze in brand new track “Different Masks On The Same Face“, the first recording with Richardson sees the band no doubt retain their signature rhythmic stance whilst leaving room for experimentation. Nevertheless it’s the imperious arrival of “Empyreal” that has the entire crowd on their feet as a triumphant Sylosis begin the tail end of their set. Once again owing to our magician behind the sound desk the quick fire lead sections positively sing through the mix, despite some awry beginnings. Decapitated may well have a thoroughly regimented, established fan base who understand their live potential knowing that the band are incredible to not only watch but to hear live. As the deft sweep picking echoes still in the same breadth the younger more streamlined Sylosis have stunned the Electric Ballroom tonight, proving that they are indeed carving their niche in the apex category of British Metal.