Cattle Decapitation Premiere Video For “Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)”
19th May 2016, 18:18
Posted by Tristan

And it’s just as gruesome as might think.

Having released their absolutely brilliant The Anthropocene Extinction last year Cattle Decapitation once again proved to everyone that they are the kings of the Deathgrind food chain. Now as is tradition with Cattle Decapitation they have brought forward another horrendously grisly video.

Directed by longtime collaborator Mitch Massie, the man responsible for the infamous “Forced Gender Reassignment” video this time the band point their fingers towards animal experimentation and what it might be like if the shoe was on the other foot. As you can imagine the video is one hundred and ten percent NSFW. Featuring all of the ticks of nudity, violence, gore and torture you will want to be very careful where you watch this with.

Vocalist Travis Ryan speaks regarding the song :

Mitch Massie once again hurls us into a nightmarish world of the eye-for-an-eye table turning that Cattle Decapitation lyrics exude, but this time in a much more surreal manner. Here we see the circus has come to town and with it a grisly ‘freaks’ exhibit featuring the barbaric aftermath of what the protagonists (the ‘Ringmaster’ and a freed ‘specimen’) have done to the leading researchers at Cosmeugenics Laboratories – a place where Cosmetics testing is performed on earthen creatures all in the name of Human vanity – but this time by completely incorrectly administering the clandestine, flesh-eating drug ‘krokodil’. I’ll leave out the horrific details as you’ll have to see that for yourself!

Having said that it wasn’t quite as bad as “Forced Gender Reassingment” which could possibly be the most extreme video ever made. Enough waffling, watch it now!