Anathema Return With Optimism
24th March 2017, 16:55
Posted by Tristan

Legends in the melancholy arena, Anathema have announced a brand new album that is perhaps based on something you might be familiar with! 

Announcing the follow up to 2014’s Distant Satellites, today Anathema have broken the silence surrounding their brand new album The Optimist. 

The band of Cavanagh brothers and co have taken inspiration from their previous effort A Fine Day To Exit, with the story of The Optimist centering from their previous 2001 release. Working with the band, producer Tony Doogan was st the helm for production duties, with the man being responsible for the likes of Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian, boasts an impressive resumĂ©. 
Inspired by the cover artwork from their previous effort The Optimist will pick up from exactly the coordinates that adorned A Fine Day To Exit’s album cover bringing us right back into the story of this faceless man. Returning for the continuation of the theme original artist Travis Smith once again reprised his role to be in charge of the band’s artwork to create an even deeper sense of narrative from pieces that Smith took as photographs on a recent trip to the West Coast. 

Ending this saga, the protagonist’s fate will Be decided not by the band but the listener themselves. Infinitely creative, Anathema always throw down the conceptual gauntlet but it seems like this time the band have simply excelled. 

The Optimists track listing is as follows: 

32.63N 117.14W [01:18]

Leaving It Behind [04:27]

Endless Ways [05:49]

The Optimist [05:37]

San Francisco [04:59]

Springfield [05:49]

Ghosts [04:17]

Can`t Let Go [05:00]

Close Your Eyes [03:39]

Wildfires [05:40]

Back To The Start [11:41]

The Optimist is set for a June 9th release via Kscope.