An Interview With : Snake (Voivod)
27th November 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Currently on the last leg of their monumental European tour Voivod are the first of the big four to come out of the Deathcrusher tour. Creating music that, in keeping with their style is very much out of this world the band will be hitting the studio to record their brand new full length. Once again we were lucky enough to catch the sci-fi prog punkers on their London date. Sitting in Kentish Town’s Forum we spoke to Snake the figurehead of Voivod and second founding member. Speaking about the band’s past, present and future we delve deep into the universe that is Voivod.

When you started out the band did you, kind of melded punk, thrash and prog. Which is three things that shouldn’t really go together… 

Well I think it’s because we were a bit younger than Piggy. Piggy was mostly influenced by Progressive music, so when we started out the band we were into new things like punk and metal and really kind of thrash. So we had the kind of attitude when we started out the band on the first and second record but then the influence of Piggy got more involved into the music and then w started to make more cokes songs. The third album Killing Technology and that’s why we were seen as Thrash and then Punk and

Your own thing! 

Yeah, yeah! By Dimension Hatross a lot of people were saying this is out there, this is so kind of different from other types of music, other bands. So when we did these two albums it was really the definition of what Voivod, like you said, was a mix of all these different genres. 

Especially for the tour that you’re in at the moment, do you feel that you’re all together in a kind of reliving of the nineties kind of thing? 

Yeah sort of! There’s a revival of all these sort trends and genres of music. Obviously were part of it , same with Napalm, it’s an old band and they always keep doing what they’re doing. It’s fun to be like, I’m fifty one, I’ve been doing it for thirty two years, for me just being alive in front of people who comes to see me is the best reward you can have. It’s amazing, so many bands couldn’t make it as long as we did and we went through a lot of different good things and bad things you know. Especially the death of Piggy was really hurting we were kind of like not really doing anything for two years just mourning Piggy and not knowing what’s going to be the future of the band. We’re really lucky that we found Dan and then afterwards Rocky to make this happen. These songs are really complex and not all guitar players can play this. Because Piggy was so unique, different kind of chords it was really specific in a sense but Dan is a brilliant guitar player and he managed to do it really well. He grew up with Voivod so it’s in his blood in the first place, it was his first show and after the first show he bought his first guitar and learned how to play Voivod. 

So he’s Voivod’s biggest fan!

Yeah, so you know that’s why he’s the best candidate hahah replacing Piggy. 

The conversation picks up in our soundcloud at 14:00 to listen to the rest of our chat.