An Interview With : Mikey Cox (Coal Chamber)
11th June 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Marking their return this year with their brand new album Rivals, Coal Chamber are well and truly back in business. Before their performance at a sold out London Koko, we were lucky enough to speak to drummer Mike Cox  Enlightening us about what it’s like to be back after twelve years, how the band is now and their brand new album Rivals.

Welcome! How does it feel to back in the year 2015? 

It feels good man, we had a long, long time off. When we broke up I never thought we would ever Be back doing anything. It feels good to be ina really positive place. You know to be back, even in the UK, all the shows are selling out. It’s just crazy to see that people still care after so long. I wouldn’t wait for a band for twelve minutes let alone twelve years! But I’m impatient! It’s incredible, the break up had to happen I think, one of us was going to die, pretty much. We were living crazy life styles so it was good that the break up happened, I think without the break up we wouldn’t be here. 

So it was a good thing? 

Yeah, everyone’s personal lives, the band, when we finally broke up in 2002 or whatever it was,  I don’t think that any of us were having fun, I ow I wasn’t . It was just not why we started, we should have probably broken up after the first record. It was turmoil for a long time, we led a very destructive lifestyle, you wow I think that you have to have bad things to have good things to turn out. So I don’t look at any of that stuff as regret, because if none of that stuff happened then I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I think it’s a good thing, for sure. 

This was only an excerpt from our chat with Mike, to listen to the full thing check the Soundcloud link below!

Coal Chamber’s excellent come back record Rivals is out now via Napalm Records!