An Interview With : Dan Briggs (Between The Buried And Me)
18th June 2015, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

Releasing potentially their most important album of their career, Between The Buried And Me will be returning to our ears this summer. Whilst patiently waiting for their most ambitious record yet Coma Ecliptic, we were able to speak to bassist and one of Between The Buried And Me’s musical masterminds Dan Briggs about what the story will entail on this new venture, how it was moving from Victory Records to Metal Blade and their evolution from being an almost hardcore / metal band to the forerunners of Progressive Metal today. Along with the possibility of the band performing the new album in its entirety on tour…

Do you represent a sense of drama through the music yourself?

Oh yeah!That was a big deal when we started writing.  Before we even had a concept. We didn’t have a concept, I would say that we were about three or four songs in before Tommy came to us with the concept of the Coma. From the get go I personally was in the mindset, I wanted it to be more dramatic kind of. I feel like with this album instead of there being a lot of little moments that are insane, from a musician standpoint, insane technical stuff. I think we were really interested in writing powerful themes musically. From a music stand point alone illicit some sort of emotion or mood and Tommy did a great job of filling in what exactly that mood or emotion would be.

It fluctuates from what I have heard on “Memory Palace”, it almost reminds me of James Bond! 

Oh yeah! I mean those scores are very all over the place because the movies are all over the place! You think of all the locales he goes to and action, drama, romance intrigue, whatever. That song is kind of near the end of the album, he’s kind of like sifting through his options , realising what he wants to do and realising that he might just be fucked haha! 

This is just an excerpt from our chat with Dan, listen to the full thing for information about the new album, the band’s incredibly ambitious live plans for later this year and some of Briggs’ biggest influences!

Between The Buried And Me’s brand new epic Coma Ecliptic is set for a July 7th release via Metal Blade Records. Look out for our review soon. This is not one to miss.