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Album of the Year Christmas Countdown : Day Fourteen
14th December 2015, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

More than halfway into our list we now invite you to look at today’s Album of the Year. Bare in mind none of these are in order but are merely part of our countdown!

Coma Ecliptic
Album Review : Between The Buried And Me – Coma Ecliptic
7th July 2015, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

A staple in the make up Prog’s DNA. The concept album is an artists secret weapon. Based upon creating not only a narrative but a universe in itself. Distilled until the time is right to bring reality crashing down and escape once again through another listen. Beginning as an almost hardcore act, Between The Buried And Me have had a natural growth. Slowly maturing from the all out assault that was The Silent Circus, creating more thought provoking albums with each release and it was all leading up to their finest hour, Coma Ecliptic.

Between The Buried And Me Stream Coma Ecliptic In Its Entirety
6th July 2015, 22:03
Posted by Tristan

The wait is almost over, though we’ve got something to tie you all over…

An Interview With : Dan Briggs (Between The Buried And Me)
18th June 2015, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

Releasing potentially their most important album of their career, Between The Buried And Me will be returning to our ears this summer. Whilst patiently waiting for their most ambitious record yet Coma Ecliptic, we were able to speak to bassist and one of Between The Buried And Me’s musical masterminds Dan Briggs about what the story will entail on this new venture, how it was moving from Victory Records to Metal Blade and their evolution from being an almost hardcore / metal band to the forerunners of Progressive Metal today. Along with the possibility of the band performing the new album in its entirety on tour…

Between The Buried And Me Release Most Exciting Song Yet
11th June 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Come with us as we are taken on the weird and wonderful journey that is “Famine Wolf“.