An Incineration Interview With : Apollyon (Aura Noir)
4th June 2015, 10:15
Posted by Tristan

Once again we return to the icy winds of the North (of London) for the most extreme all dayer this year. Speaking today with a blackened thrash legend Apollyon about all things Aura Noir.

With the band getting ready to return to the fore we spoke to the Aura Noir man himself about the new album, what it’s like to be a sound engineer and if it has influenced his perception on music as a whole. Could it be harder for a man who is so central to the recording process to be neutral when hearing a record?

Apologies for the slight buzz in the recording, it was a windy day!

I was going to say actually, with this now being a couple of years since the last album Out To Die, there is a new album in the works. What can we expect from it?

The main new thing is that our live drummer for the past five six years or something is gong to do the drums on the album. I’ve done the drums for the last two, so he will be drumming which is different. Apart from that not really sure, we have like four five songs not complete yet but its a bit early to say. I think it won’t be a big surprise but the sound will be cool. I’m hoping to mix it myself this time. I’ve done some studio engineer training and I have a studio now. We recorded th last two albums at my place but we didn’t mix i ourselves because I didn’t feel comfortable doing it but now I do! . I’ve tried mixing, like the new Deathhammer album. I get some practice and its fun because I have a different view of sound than most studio technicians, I like it raw, I like it to sound like you’re at a rehearsal. I like it raw. 

As rough and ready as possible?

Yep, I thought that the last one Out To Die, sounding way too polished in a way. I ended up telling the guy in the mastering studio to try and destroy the sound haha! 

Is that because you have influence from other sort of bands that you have that sort of sound?

I’ve always preferred bands’ first album, like that fucking rehearsal room sound is so special! 

What’s made it so appealing to you?

That’s where you get all the energy from, you get all that kind of energy 

This is just an excerpt of our chat, listen to the full interview below!

Aura Noir’s album Out To Die is out now via Indie Recordings!