Album Review : The Drip – The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability
23rd January 2017, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Of all the genres in the Metal universe the most caustic surely has to be Grindcore. Bred to be one of the most aurally assaulting sounds we can associate with music, The Drip are no strangers to extremities. Jumping off the deep end after their EP releases the band saved some of the heaviest material for last.


  1. Blackest Evocation
  2. Anathema
  3. Gruesome Poetics
  4. Dead Inside
  5. Covered In Red
  6. Terror War Industry
  7. Painted Ram
  8. Wretches
  9. In Atrophy
  10. The Answer
  11. Exile
  12. Consigned To Fate
  13. Bone Chapel

Length: 31:00
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: January 13th 2017

Yet whilst it might be as heavy as an elephant balancing on an egg, groove doesn’t escape from the reaches of The Drip, as sporadic as it might be. Similar to the sounds of Pig Destroyer, the production qualities on The Haunting Fear of Inevitability are pretty rough ensuring that the guitar cuts through like a knife through hot butter. No doubt long time Grind fans will lap their new offering up tracks like “Dead Inside“. Beginning at speed slowly giving way to the ugly crawling final riffs, until it’s final last gasp.  Built around brevity, each track is scarcely longer than two minutes. The berserker screamings of “Anathema” are far from the melodic cry Vincent Cavanagh outfit, instead reside in a sceptic reservoir.

In the same instance the band create memorable tracks in the shape of “Covered In Red” whose ferocity slowly builds until its boiling point breaking away to a Herculean breakdown associstingcthe band more with a punk / Hardcore vibe. Which with Grindcore being an offshoot of that is no surprise. Sputtering guitar lines in “Wretches” make way for ugly melody in the songs midsection before igniting the album’s first example of harmony, which truth be told could be employed further later in the band’s releases. Not detracting from the band’s performance merely adding colour.

The Haunting Fear of Inevitability is very much an unforgiving record. The likes of “Exile” or “Terror War Industry” allow hardly any space for error. With cramped drumming coming from Shane Brown, every section of the short lived minute and a half is used with pin point accuracy. Aiming to state their case before disappearing just as soon as they arrived, immediacy is The Drip‘s ally here. Creating an urgent record, the band have brought themselves no doubt perhaps not to the front of Grindcore pack but with this being their debut embody the ethos behind the sheer ferocity of the genre. Don’t miss out.

Delovering absolutely scathing Grindcore, The Drip have gotten our 2017 off to a truly horrific start that will no doubt bring all others with them in The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability.