Album Review : The Depression Sessions – Thy Art Is Murder / Fit For An Autopsy / Acacia Strain
10th August 2016, 17:42
Posted by Tristan

A staple in the late eighties the idea of the split EP has been around for quite some time. Brought together by similar styles, common themes or even just being friends split EP’s are what some would call diamonds. Falling under the umbrella the three bands toured with each other extensively forming a bond leading to the idea of a three way split manifesting their despair, desolate ideologies and hopelessness in The Depression Sessions.


  1. They Will Know Another
  2. Sensory Deprivation
  3. Flatlining
  4. Du Hast (Rammstein Cover)
  5. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
  6. The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails Cover) 

Length: 29:00
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: August 12th 2016

Counter conventional the EP works in two ways, unveiling new material each band wrote a brand new song whilst also seasoning the record with a covers section the band’s, thankfully, opted for something more unorthodox. Known for their extensive touring schedule Thy Art Is Murder are the bannermen of the new age of Deathcore and take the first baton in their single “They Will Know Another“. Not only is this one of the band’s last recordings with now ex vocalist CJ McMahon but is their example of their fierce capability. Toying with the idea of atmosphere that was exhibited on Holy War the track sinks its hooks deep into the psyche. Creating a fierce and frenetic opener that arguably steals the show. 

On the other side of the spectrum Soundgarden cover “Black Hole Sun” by The Acacia Strain works somewhat well, though personally I feel it was a slight missed opportunity for the singer to perhaps experiment from the contemporary growling. Nevertheless despite that the instrumentation behind the song gives the unhinged illusion of a tech Metal carnival bizarre. Slowly but surely garnering more and more attention in the scene Fit For An Autopsy are fast making a name for themselves. Their stake to their claim being “Flatlining” a song that after shedding its Gojira influenced skin turns into quite the interesting tune. The Depression Sessions itself is a benchmark point in each bands career cycle, seeing each of the band’s bounce off each other. 

However personal highlight has to be the inspired rendition of Rammstein tune “Du Hast“. Making it entirely their own Thy Art Is Murder mould the single to fit their jagged edge despite its Industrial connotations, ethereal leads with the bellow of McMahon’sdu hast!!!” works perfectly. With singing taking more of a backseat, it’s less overbearing assault  giving a keen insight into the depth of musicality that goes into a Thy Art piece. Brought together through the friendship created whilst touring all three of the band’s here feed off another in their ambition. Slowly but surely reaching their true potential of leading the new generation out of the Deathcore tar pits and into the pessimistic light of day.  

Divide and conquer is very much the mission statement of The Depression Sessions. The trifecta of the modern Deathcore band’s simultaneously work together yet bounce off one another leading for this EP to be a real gem. Even if it’s miserable.