Album Review : Miasmal – Tides of Omniscience
2nd March 2016, 18:45
Posted by Tristan

In today’s day and age with the over saturation of media for listeners, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Oversubscribed to more than just music the consumer is becoming even more decisive with a shorter attention span. Not to mention the birth of our eternal struggle the Internet used for both forces of good and evil. With the abundance of choice a point of difference seems lost, not quite just yet.


  1. Axiom
  2. Deception
  3. The Pilgrimage
  4. Venomous Harvest
  5. Perseverance
  6. Key to Eternity
  7. Earthbound
  8. Dark Waters
  9. Fear The New Flesh
  10. The Shifting Of Stars

Length: 40:00
Label: Century Media Records
Release date: March 4th 2016

Enter Miasmal, releasing their major label debut the fittingly titled Tides of Omniscience the band are a breath of fresh rotting air. Formed on a foundation of nineties era Death ‘n’ Roll, Punk and elements of classic Melodic Death Metal. The kinetic energy surrounding the more boisterous of genres is present throughout the album. “Deception” sees the band’s more Gothenburg leanings shine through with a bridge that would make At The Gates blush before pulling back with an original razor sharp acidic riff.

The slow drawl of “The Pilgrimage” exhibits the darker cavernous atmospheric sections of the band. Complete with the all governing church bell metaphorically pumping the brakes the track fluctuates from the double bass battering to the slow yet certain bridge. Yet this is exactly what many others try and fail at, compromise is the key to the joys of Tides of Omniscience. Appealing to seasoned Hardcore fans to the most moany of the Death Metal elite. Flirting with Grindcore the likes of blistering “Key To Eternity” begins with a rabid riff before weaponising into the chorus, it’s clear that perhaps there might be some Birmingham influence over these lads.

Musically the band are on point, varying from depressing verse to cascading leads kicking up the pace whilst injecting melody. Not the most adventurous of lead playing with a fairly strict home in the pentatonic box, nevertheless the songwriting itself often leads the listener unsure of what might be dished up just around the corner, making for an interesting listen. Tremolo fury that is “Venomous Harvest” would conjure the most deadly of circle pits seeing the band decide to go full Thrash, yet later in the album “Perseverance” opens with a clean section in an odd time signature no less feeding of difference yet creating a sound that is individual.

Despite the significant amount of names dropped Miasmal have a strong identity. Able to cater to the needs of each song the band neither over stay their welcome over leave too early. Anthemic “Fear The New Flesh” sees their new ideas flourish a song fittingly titled for the arrival of new blood.  Coupled with the excellent production, ever so slightly overpowering drums bring the sonic weight of the band sound with a brilliant biting tone. Miasmal on a more studious look might not be completely original but their art is pulled off with aplomb. Perhaps not quite the seasoned veteran that would be worthy of a headline slot  rather the band would be that support band you were actually blown away by.  Constructing well thought out, brilliantly presented ideas we should indeed fear the new flesh.

The sea may ebb and flow but now the tide is high. Delivering an earth shattering debut Miasmal, are in an era of copycats, making their own name and Tides of Omniscience is a fantastic statement of their intent.