Album Review : Heart Of A Coward – Deliverance
1st October 2015, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

Themes can be integral to an album, aiding in the listeners understanding of the true nature of the material. Perhaps enriching the listen along with creating a more complete picture. With their previous effort Severance, Heart Of A Coward created a fracture. Centering around the theme of finality Severance was the removal of a gangrenous infection metaphorical or otherwise. Now we see the fracture spread and structure weaken until spearheading with full force into Deliverance.


1. Hollow

2. Miscreation

3. Turmoil I : Wolves

4. Turmoil II : The Weak Inherit The Earth

5. Anti-Life

6. Grain Of Sand

7. Mouth Of Madness

8. Deliverance

9. Skeletal I : Mourning Repairs

10. Skeletal II : Arise

Length: Enter album length here
Label: Century Media
Release date: October 2nd 2015

Hollow” sets our desolate scene in a brilliant foreshadowing of the album ensuring that anyone who might be listening to the record understands the band are not messing around. Though brute force might be the band’s order of the day   the chorus sections are where this band will excel among their peers. With previous album Severance dealing with negativity subject matter. Deliverance deals with the resolute attitude that perhaps comes in hindsight after overcoming adversity. Not only following on thematically the albums work together with Deliverance bridging a perfect gap since their last release, offering different elements along with the band’s sound.

Immediately after the initial opener were brought right back into it with “Miscreation” featuring another incredibly strong chorus with enough hooks that would feature in Final Destination 2 . Though it’s the finale of the songs that catches the ear, deciding to change things up instead of a monstrous build up to a incredibly predictable breakdown the band shake up the formula completely and leave the listener rattling with an incredibly Obzen like guitar passage. Originally intended to be used as an EP the first of the suites “Turmoil I : Wolves” is the first in a two part suite. Again containing choruses that are larger than life, though coupled with following “Turmoil II : The Weak Inherit The Earth” the band capitalise and revitalise a tired and predictable tool in the Hardcore arsenal, the back up vocal. Used most prominently as a sense of brotherhood the vocals simply bring the hook home.

For those who might believe that technicality is paramount Heart Of A Coward are not the most technical of band’s simply because they don’t need to be. Adding in a solo for the sake of it here or there would ruin the sense of continuity throughout the album. Though for those who still prefer the negative attitude look no further than “Anti Life” where we see Jamie Graham‘s incredibly strong and ultimately relatable lyrics come to a beautiful crescendo.

Honing their focus this time on creating absolutely brilliant, streamlined songs the band have focused on song writing. Title track “Deliverance” carries on the monumental sound that grows throughout the album, helped by the crisp production which whilst giving the quality of calculated Attack also breathes the soul of Hardcore giving it an incredibly organic feel.

Along with the clean vocals the expulsion of the lyrics are well thought out to match the pneumatic riffing whilst also remaining in charge when needed. Though what separates the men from the boys comes in the form of the band’s second in a series of suites and grand finale “Skeletal I – Mourning Repairs“. The first of which see’s a whirlwind guitar riff played with air tight precision. Bringing slight melody into the prechorus heightening the intensity of the track before the implosion that is the song’s final section, again the band throw the rule book out of the window and confusingly run head first into a battering riff. As our spokesperson Graham beautifully motions us to wards “Skeletal – II Arise” with the resolute lines of “Walk in this fire“.

Deliverance has shown that Heart Of A Coward can turn one of the most tried and tested formula’s completely on its head. Easily being one of the heaviest records this year, not for all out brutality but the mould that the band have adopted using dynamics to create a sense of build up, contrast and ultimately absolute ferocity. Making an album that flows just as you want it to and surprises you where you might not expect it to. An absolutely excellent addition to the band’s fast growing collection that will no doubt propel the band to even greater heights.

Heart Of A Coward do not mess around.  Creating a devastating, solid and incredibly well written new effort. Picking up exactly where Severance left off  rockets forwards  into a new breed that extinguishes all competition. Welcome to Metal’s Deliverance.

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