Album Review : Kreator – Gods of Violence
27th January 2017, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Represented in endless forms, deities have been the most revered of all entities to worship. Interpreted in numerous different cultures the idea comes in a variety of formats. Pledging your allegiance to a person or ideology, many have false allegiances. Regardless of agenda it seems that violence is almost always in tow. None more loyal than the fans of Metal, the legions of Thrashers of all ages once again make the musical pilgrimage with Kreator with their first release in four years, Gods Of Violence.


  1. Apocalypticon
  2. World War Now
  3. Satan Is Real
  4. Totalitarian Terror
  5. Gods of Violence
  6. Army of Storms
  7. Hail to The Hordes
  8. Lion With Eagle Wings
  9. Fallen Brother
  10. Side By Side
  11. Death Becomes My Light

Length: 51:00
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: January 27th 2017

Inspired by the limitless scope of aggression across the globe at current, Gods of Violence’s thematic thread is tied together from our most ancient history leading right up to the most recent attacks on civilisation. Easily their most grandiose output today the scene is set with the apropriatrly titled “Apocalypticon” whose slow building military march style drums lights the fuse of the album’s fastest track “World War Now”. Well and truly baring their teeth, Kreator take no prisoners with their one-two punch opener. Which after their absence reasserts their authority in an instant as top German Thrash dogs.

Key in the Kreator make up, Gods of Violence thrives on the many different dynamics used. Ranging from the more obvious tonality changes to the subtle crashes of “Army Of Storms“, whose main riff drops out with drums taking precedence to make for a brilliant end. Main riff of “Satan Is Real” for example features some of the best riffing in years from the band utilising simple cracks of melody. Variety is also available on the record, something that can easily be overlooked in the realm of Thrash. The swashbuckling rhythms of “Hail To The Horde” instead of creating a cheesy singalong roses the troops for a united front. One of the band’s most valuable assets is the use of the chorus. Anchoring on one particular set of words, often the title of the song you get to understand what point Petrozza is making in the first chorus. More akin to Heavy Metal style stadium sized chorus no doubt helped by the carefully placed harmonies. The brother in arms call of “Side By Side” for example which would have all fans of Thrash linking arms and losing heads, particularly after its ethereal acoustic bridge. Reprised in the haunting album closer “Death Becomes My Light” where the track progresses until it’s musical climax some seven minutes later.

Special mention should go to the absolute genius of the band’s new guitarist  who often sidelines the track taking it down a completely different melodic avenue. Hardly something most would expect given their long standing history, nevertheless the second “Totalitarian Terror“s drawbridge is lifted, the inescapable fallout of Petrozza’s iconic howl engulfs the listener followed by the adept fingers of Sami Yli-Sirnio really strutting their stuff both rhythmically and in lead setting later on in the track.  At the heart of the Kreator machine however lies absolutely rock solid songwriting making for each song to not only have an initial hook but whose appeal strengthens after repeat listens. Ensuring that tracks remain different yet have a common thread, fluid in their execution, meticulous in their creation, Gods of Violence will be a sure fire winner and arguably one of the best Thrash Metal albums you will hear this year.

Following their creative absence after the release of Phantom Antichrist, Kreator have pooled their efforts to release an album that is a dynamic as it is vicious, given the staunch catalogue hard to believe album fourteen could be one of their best.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up the record here!