Album Review : Fallujah – Dreamless
27th April 2016, 16:16
Posted by Tristan

Interpretation is a wonderful gift humans are given, infinitely questioning whether innate or through cognitive learning. Arguing whether our perceptions and preconceptions are ingrained as part of intuition or do we learn from our past experiences to create new and often changing perspectives. Opting for a more cinematic approach, building on their previous conquest The Flesh Prevails as our androgynous hominid beckons we enter the the world of Dreamless.


  1. Face Of Death
  2. Adrenaline
  3. The Void Alone
  4. Abandon
  5. Scar Queen
  6. Dreamless
  7. The Prodigal Son
  8. Amber Gaze
  9. Fidelio
  10. Wind For Wings
  11. Les Silences
  12. Lacuna

Length: 52:00
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: April 29th 2016

Taking a leap of faith in the first defining snare hit motioning us towards the horizon to be guided into this new world. Immediately immersing the listener into their mysterious yet wonderous world, “Face Of Death” creates a tear in the fabric of reality.  Creating a snapshot of exactly just what the voyage of Dreamless entails “The Void Alone” followed by the aptly titled “Abandon” heightens this sense of isolation coupled with wonder with absolutely impeccable song writing.

Wind For Wings” whilst remaining true to the bands complex sound  introduces clean male vocals working in tandem with the angelic female vocals. Once again proving the band are not content within their own confines. Similarly the electronica influenced “Les Silences” to some might seem a cop out, instead weaves another layer into the bands creative and more importantly emotional tapestry. A genre as Death Metal so often starved of delicacy makes emotion here Dreamless’ animus. The cinematic effervescence remaining right until grand finale “Lacuna” leaving a definite imprint of Fallujah’s statement of intent.

Potentially the most ambitious addition to the bands canon is title track “Dreamless” evolving  slowly from simple beats to a crescendo style solo making for a fantastic instrumental center piece amid the album. Interlude “Fidelio” plays the famous Eyes Wide Shut sequence with a new interpretation from the somber storyline allowing for a stasis before the arrival of “Amber Gaze” initiating a pneumatic riff proving that despite their insatiable creativity the band haven’t shed their Death Metal skin. Understanding the need for fluctuation the album ebbs and flows just when it is needed making for Hofmann’s vocals despite their earth engulfing sound to neither overpower or be forgotten.

Able to transport the listener to key moments the band navigate this musical main frame allowing the band infinite access to memories and most importantly emotions. Having mastered Death Metal the band are eager to progress to ever more ambitious heights doing so by understanding  the mechanical inner workings of music as an emotional force all the while fearlessly carving their own path with conviction.  Despite its paradoxical calculated approach  given its cold nature Dreamless is bountiful in emotional colour. Minimalist yet lavish in their delivery Fallujah have created an absolute masterwork combining a fierce intrigue and creativity to make the seemingly immovable Metal genre moveable in every sense of the word.

With Dreamless Fallujah have built on their iron bound foundations of The a Flesh Prevails breaking free of genre classification have woven a beautiful tapestry making a genre as abiotic as Death Metal truly soulful and an absolutely essential listen.

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