Album Review : Allegaeon – Proponent of Sentience
21st September 2016, 17:40
Posted by Tristan

Lanning’s third law states that a robot cannot harm a human. Independent of free thought robots were bred for a purpose to act without reason save for one Sonny. Breaking the indifferent code the robot became a sentient being leading the revolution of a self awakening. Tackling the lofty idea of the understanding of the ability to differentiate the ability to think to the ability to feel our reprogrammed quintet Allegaeon return. 


  1. Proponent of Sentience I : The Conception
  2. All Hail Science
  3. From Nothing
  4. Gray Matter Mechanics – Appassonata Ex Machinae
  5. Of Mind And Matrix
  6. Proponent Of Sentience II : The Algorithm
  7. Demons of An Intricate Design
  8. Terrathaw and The Quake
  9. Cognitive Computations
  10. The Arbiters
  11. Proponent For Sentience III : The Extermination
  12. Subdivisions (Rush Cover)

Length: 72:00
Label: Metal Blade
Release date: September 23rd 2016

Ever the unfeeling entity, Technical Death Metal can somewhat be devoid of emotion. Setting the dramatic scene we’re introduced to the grandiose prologue of “Proponent of Sentience I: The Conception“. Brought together with what we have come to expect from the young Allegaeon boys the track is once again a musical assault course with a slightly lengthier time. Proverbial shrapnel”From Nothing” bursts into the listener proving that the bad are able to strut their stuff with shorter but not less impactful material. Creating a sense of narrative within the technical Death Metal labyrinth title track series “Proponent Of Sentience“at once maintains a narrative whilst slowly building anticipation towards the album crescendo of “III The Extermination” where the reliefs explored come to fruition coupled with the guest appearance of Bjorn “Speed” Strid making for a contrasting and uplifting chorus.

However the band works on an individual level just as well, “Of Mind And Matrix” marrying melody to create a simplistic lick that embeds itself into a well placed chorus. Showcasing explosive pipes before the artillery of cymbals are brought forward. Following a similar pattern the band understand what punters want out of a Progressive Death Metal release. Both guitarists abilities could never be questioned in their aptitude for their instruments as the fretboard acrobatics come thick and fast throughout the record. Showcasing Greg Burgess‘ aptitude at classical guitar the Spanish introduction of “Gray Matter Mechanics – Apassonata Ex Machinea” bring a new dynamic to the table whilst giving the listener respite from the relents shredding put forward. Making good use of their extra string the band aren’t reliant on it as a crutch and instead put the extra string to effective use making the arachnid riffs intriguing. 

At times perhaps a little overwhelming Proponent of Sentience understands it’s place in relation to the band. After the departure of long time vocalist Ezra Hayes the additions of new singer Riley McShane  has been smooth and presented no challenges to the band. Acting somewhat as a backdrop to the frenetic quality of the music all instruments can blend into another at times owing to the sheer ridiculous nature of riffing. Tethering an air of the cinematic “Demons Of An Intricate Design” is the perfect Death Metal calling card. Showcasing the bands aptitude for writing short, sharp blistering tunes. The imposing dissonance of “Cognitive Computations” ambles forwards before picking up speed to create the maelstrom of melody come to associate with the band. 

Becoming a sentient band Allegaeon understand their identity and their place within the Progressive Death Metal elite. Unquestionable musical ability, acting as a trail of breadcrumbs melody is slowly laid as reference point allowing for differentiation within the madness. Beginning as a somewhat unfeeling, unempathetic entity Allegaeon have slowly been awakened to feeling behind a sterile genre of music to make them real masters of their musical sentience. Detective Spooner would be proud. 

Despite their fierce technicality Allegaeon reaffirms themselves are the young blood genius they are. Capitalising on their work the band are more confident and ostentatious and Proponent of Sentience will give listeners a Tech Death awakening.

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