Album Review : Abnormality – Mechanisms Of Omniscience
26th April 2016, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Intensity has become a indispensable element of Death Metal. Known for its sheer sense of ferocity, tip toeing trepidatiously on the outskirts some are pulled into the maelstrom that is the epicentre of Death Metal. This where the men are separated from the boys, sticking to its steadfast foundations we see the arrival of Abnormality’s Metal Blade debut, Mechanisms of Omniscience. 


  1. Swarm
  2. Synthetic Pathogenesis
  3. Mechanisms Of Omniscience
  4. Catalyst Of Metamorphosis
  5. Vigilant Ignorance
  6. Irreversible
  7. Hopeless Masses
  8. Assimilation
  9. Cymatic Hallucinations
  10. Consuming Infinity

Length: 39:00
Label: Metal Blade
Release date: April 29th 2016

As the album cover, designed by singer Sundaramurthy might suggest the atmosphere of the dyslexic nightmare Mechanisms of Omniscience is malevolent. Retaining flow each piece works well against the last seeing the pace of the album work brilliantly. “Synthetic Pathogenesis” not only showcases the bands blistering speed already noticed on the feral “Swarm” but the sense of movement. Groove being one of the later corner stones of Death Metal, Abnormality are able to switch from absolutely ruinous speed to bulldozing rhythm exemplified on title track “Mechanisms Of Omniscience“. Alluding to more of a scientific slant the band are dextrous but never clinical retaining a sense of the biotic despite drummer Jay Blaisdell‘s inhuman ability behind the kit. 

Fluctuating song lengths lead for some like “Vigilant Ignorance” to have a slight progression making for each calculated slab of aggression to be equally dispersed without making the sound overbearing. Coupled with likes of instrumentals “Assimilation” and “Catalyst of Metamorphosis” the album retains space whilst retaining its razor sharp edge. The outstanding performance of Mallika Sundaramurthy gives a performance that would rival the likes of Suffocation heavyweight Frank Mullen not to mention lead lines coming from guitarists Sam Kirsch and Jeremy Henry drape the album in a sense of nausea coupled with guttural rumble of Josh Staples bass sees a band working together seamlessly. 

Taking note from the nineties and wearing its heart on its sleeve Mechanisms of Omnicscience is a no frills, no holds barred ride through the vortex of Horrror. Taking no prisoners the band deliver a brilliant performance and despite momentary times of similarity, key riffs the likes of “Irreversible” lightly dusted with flange bring a differentiation making Abnormality easily stand out from the Death Metal pack. For those who are a fan of Death Metal and its extremeties there will be and incredible amount to love from Abnormality. Both giving nods to the classic era yet with the crystal clear production moving more into the future the band have released a venomous and incredibly deadly Metal Blade debut that everyone should listen to.

Dripping with menace the atmosphere felt on Mechanisms of Omniscience envelops the listener to be transported into the despondent world devoid of hope but chock full of A grade Death Metal.

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