Album of The Year #7 : Gojira – Magma
7th December 2016, 16:00
Posted by Tristan
Coming into Day Seven of our Album of The Year Christmas Countdown we look to France for their fantastic contribution this year.
  1. Iamthemorning – Lighthouse
  2. Myrath – Legacy
  3. Touche Amore – Stage Four
  4. Ghost/Aeon – Metanoia
  5. Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason
  6. Avantasia – Ghostlights

Being very lucky to have been able to see this band in their infancy in their early support slot with Trivium at the Hammersmith Apollo in London back in 2008 it was hard to predict that the band would be a group of this magnitude in the year 2016.Having released their last record the game changing L’Enfant Sausage four years ago, after the initial touring plans the Gojira camp fell silent. Resolving to write an album The dynamic duo of brothers Duplantier went into the newly built Silver Cord Studios in New York to lay down the next album when they received news of their mother falling ill. Resulting sadly in her death the brothers resolved to scrap everything that had been written and entirely rethink the album.

What came out of the Magma sessions is a true example of emotions. Criticised somewhat for their inclusion of a song with solely clean vocals (who would want the Metal community to stop being predictable) some were unsure of the new release. Not overly long and with some tracks that simply act as decoration the album could have easily gone south. However releasing their first single “Stranded” instantly had Gojira once again firmly in the worlds gaze. Regimented groove with an air tight rhythm Gojira are quite simply like no other and seeing them live merely hits this point home.

At the heart of Magma however is true emotion. Ironic that this is able to be conveyed from such a sterile, intricate sound the band have created. With interludes the likes of “Liberation” or “Yellow Stone” gives the listener respite from the brutal onslaught of not only distortion but true hurt that shines through Duplantier’s vocals. Particularly on the fidgeting candour of “Stranded” a song with incredible purpose yet simultaneously aimless.

Releasing the album of their career thus far Magma is a sure fire contender for Album of The Year and will be in fans hearts for a long time to come. Combining the absolute genius song writing, utilising simple dynamics aided by Mario Duplantier’s inspired grooves coupled with the raw emotion from brother Joe Duplantier makes for this to be an emotional and musical tour de force.

If you’re feeling like a volcanic Christmas this year then you can pick up Magma here.