Akercocke Release “Disappear” Renaissance In Extremis For August Release
15th June 2017, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

At last! It’s finally coming. 

For those select few that were lucky enough to see Akercocke either at their amazing Bloodstock appearance or as part of their UK tour last year, you’ll all know that the band have been cooking up their return and now with the announcement of a brand new single Renaissance In Extremis is finally going to see the light of day on August 25th. 

Set to be released via Peaceville the label that started everything off with the band, Akercocke will unveil their first new album in ten years later this summer. Being one of the corner stones of Progressive Death Metal’s innovation in the mid two thousands, Akercocke are one of a kind. 

Releasing their brand new song “Disappear” assures us it’s definitely been worth the wait. Hardly a normal single length the seven minute long track is absolute genius. Intricate song writing with some of Akercocke’s most adventurous technicality to date. More in keeping with the likes of Words That Go Unspoken, the overall feel of the track is one of real melancholy. However don’t think it’s doom and gloom as the solos come thick and fast near the songs climax. Yet what I loved the most about it was the final section where it bordered almost into classic Prog Rock elements. 

The new album was produced by Neil Kernon who, fans of Nile will have no need to be introduced to, the band haven’t alluded to what tracks will be on the album but a range of preorders are live now for your attention. I cannot stress just how great Of news this is to have Akercocke back in the driving seat once again! Listen to it now if you don’t believe me! 

Not to mention the artwork itself looks like something out of a cross between Haneke’s Funny Games and a satanic leather bound book! 

You can preorder the album here!