8 Anti-Monday Hardcore Tracks
18th January 2016, 13:48
Posted by Chris

It’s Monday. Damn. We don’t like it either…so we’ve compiled a few aggro anti-Monday tracks through the acclaimed genre of pure Monday hatred – hardcore. Hopefully they help you get through the day…and maybe the week…

1. MDC – Corporate Deathburger

The song is basically about how vocalist is mad because we have to work to make money. Right on brother.

2. Biohazard – Filled With Hate

Well this one is pretty self-explanatory. We had an awesome weekend, and now it’s over.

3. Sick of it All – Act Your Rage

So many things we might want to scream at people today. This helps.

4. Madball – Everyday Hate

Maybe your weekly rage isn’t limited to just Monday? Madball understands…and offers a helping hand.

5. Agnostic Front – Us Against The World

This is kind of what the week is going to feel like.

6. Black Flag – Annihilate This Week


7. Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down

But you shall prevail!

8. The Exploited – Don’t Forget The Chaos

And when Friday comes…