What Does The Future Hold For Sikth?
31st March 2017, 12:45
Posted by Tristan

Today, Watford’s finest break the silence surrounding their hotly anticipated return with a brand new album in June. 

Coming off the back of their 2015 EP Opacities, Sikth are well and truly here to stay. Being unsure about what the status of the band might have been following the EP, all sorts of questions were asked. Would it be a one off? Would they do heaps of tours to support it? Does anyone still care ten years later? The answer I can safely say was a resounding yes. Selling out their fantastic performance at London’s Forum the group brought fans to a standstill with the new material performed live. 

Somewhat of an unexpected turnaround however was the decision of Justin Hill and to depart the band, especially with their new revival having just begun a brand new chapter. Either way for whatever reasons, the man decided to exit gracefully and pass the torch to another. Enter Joe Rosser, taking over from the incredibly large boots to fill of Hill the man has the difficult task of being his successor and he has been doing surprisingly well! Integrating with Sikth other frontman Mikee Goodman to form a tight cohesive unit. 

Then there were rumours abound of the band being in the studio recording the follow up to their EP and we now have the confirmation that those rumblings led to the announcement of the band’s brand new album. The Future In Whose Eyes? on the newly created label Millenium Night will be released June 2nd and the band have also announced that they will be performing at Download Festival 2017. 

Set to be the most creative the band have put out, which, for an incredibly creative band as a starting point is quite the statement in itself! The first record that Joe Rosser was a part of the band has well and truly run the gauntlet now. Sikth have also unveiled single “Vivid” to come off the new record and we would have to agree with the lads. It’s an absolute scorcher of a single. Working in the classic Goodman-Esque deranged qualities, alongside the babbling of a madman come genius. The band have also released a lyric video for the song, interesting to see Goodmans‘ lyrics first hand too. Not forgetting the music behind it, after all that’s what it’s all about. It’s absolutely brilliant! Well placed riffs and small touches of melody make for an evolved Sikth sound. 

The cover art marries perfectly with the overall lunacy of the band was created by one Meats Meier and it is seriously impressive. Encapsulating the insanity and contrasting methodical nature of Sikth, The Future In Whose Eyes promises to be one of THE records of 2017. It would seem that following their decision for a hiatus some ten years ago, this was merely all part of the plan. Understanding that Opacities might have been a somewhat guarded approach now the group are free to do as they wish. Though what could have been seen as a potential disaster with the departure of Hill, it seems Sikth definitely have more tricks up their sleeves. With a renewed line up, new album and brilliant ideas 2017 will I believe, be the year that Sikth will definitely remember.  

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