Five Years Later Dying Fetus Will Return
31st March 2017, 11:32
Posted by Tristan

The underground’s calling card, Relapse Records are THE extreme metal label. Almost anything that has that partnered “R” on it, you can guarantee, at some point or another it will rip your face off. One of the label’s biggest assets are the absolutely ferociously decimating, Dying Fetus. 
Last releasing their record Reign Supreme back in 2012 the band recorded one of the album’s of the year and potentially of their career. Mixing their signature brutality with a semi melodic touch is what makes Dying Fetus just such a good band. The ability to be absolutely skull crushingly heavy whilst remaining nimble in a musical sense it’s a perfect marriage. Though we haven’t heard much other than a small snippet it’s enough  to get us very excited. 

Not to mention it has been five years since their last release! That’s a long time to say the least, so what makes people come back to this band? Truly underground the band have hardly had a mainstream audience but then with a name like Dying Fetus, would you expect anything different? Defiantly rooted in their extreme ideals, the band have never compromised, earning a lot of respect from the often overly critical underground. Perhaps it’s this tenacity to carry on despite the smaller venues, bar a surprise Download Festival appearance, of course this isn’t taking into account the plethora of Metal festivals the band have been a part of, particularly in the US. 

It could also be down to their absolutely air tight songwriting ability. Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it, Dying Fetus always seem to hit that sweet spot between all put savagery and stubborn groove. With this in mind we’ll all be looking out for the band’s new release which I would imagine would be looking at a June release! 

Tease yourself below.