The Black Dahlia Murder Release Animated Video For “Threat Level No. 3”
17th February 2016, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

Announcing their excellent upcoming tour where the band will be commemorating Unhallowed with a full performance of the album The Black Dahlia Murder have unveiled a darkly sweet new video.

Lyrically “Threat Level No. 3” deals with a paedophile who is essentially castrated and made to live his life walking the earth knowing the wrong natures of his crimes and unable to do anything forever. Taking this idea and running Adam Avilla was brought to the table for the new animation, with it the band have delivered a brutal video that brought to mind the genius of Metalocalypse. The horrific subject matter is chock full of satanic imagery, exploding eyes and resulting in a grieving mother shooting her daughters killer. Though the animation may be beautifully colourful the subject matter is dark. A fantastic animation that you need to see! 

Check the video out here!