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Album Review: Unleash The Archers – Apex
31st May 2017, 08:00
Posted by Chris

In a decade of the band’s existence, it took 2015’s ‘Time Stands Still‘ to grant an audience with the world. Now that they have your attention, Unleash the Archers want to show you their full heavy metal arsenal. We review the new opus, ‘Apex‘.

An Interview With: Unleash The Archers
16th February 2017, 21:20
Posted by Chris

The archers have been unleashed. And it’s about damn time. The heavy metal Canadian quintet have had to wait some time to bring their presence to European shores despite their very fitting sound to the continent. It’s now almost mutually agreed they belong in this part of the world, and we catch up with the band to see just how they are going to expand their influence.

Live Review: Sirenia + Tyr + Unleash The Archers
19th January 2017, 12:40
Posted by Chris

It’s yet another one of life’s pleasures that descends upon London this evening, the magnificent tour package that constitutes the metal heavyweights of Sirenia and Tyr, and the addition of starlets Unleash The Archers. A diverse palette of metal that somehow appeases everyone, it’s one of those shows you simply can’t miss.

Sirenia Announce European Tour With Tyr & Unleash The Archers
23rd June 2016, 20:40
Posted by Chris

What a tour package that is! Some of the finest progressive-power outfits will be touring Europe later this year.

Album of the Year Christmas Countdown: Day Five
5th December 2015, 09:00
Posted by Chris

Day five of our album of the year countdown goes to the revival of classic heavy metal, and the unique twist Unleash the Archers put on it with ‘Time Stands Still’.

ProgPower USA XVI: Day Three
6th October 2015, 14:49
Posted by Chris

We continue into the final day of ProgPower USA festivities, featuring some huge names, a last minute cancellation, and good times all around!

Unleash the Archers Release New Video For ‘Test Your Metal’
15th July 2015, 10:29
Posted by Chris

So how good is your metal by an academic standpoint?

Album Review: Unleash The Archers – Time Stands Still
26th June 2015, 09:00
Posted by Chris

Are you ready for some pure heavy metal? We review relative newcomers Unleash The Archers’ new opus, ‘Time Stands Still’…

An Interview With: Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers)
22nd June 2015, 10:42
Posted by Chris

We caught up with metal’s new shieldmaiden Brittney Slayes of Unleash The Archers to talk about their upcoming album ‘Time Stand Still‘, and their stunning new track and video for ‘Tonight We Ride‘.

Mad Max? No It’s Unleash The Archers!
26th May 2015, 16:48
Posted by Chris

Canadian power metallers Unleash The Archers have just released an awesome new video for their new song, ‘Tonight We Ride‘.