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Psycroptic Announce Canadian Tour
9th January 2017, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

And they’re bringing along, Archspire, Visceral Disgorge and Seeker along for the ride. 

Psycroptic Return To The US
5th May 2016, 14:08
Posted by Tristan

And they too have brilliant support lined up!

Gorguts Live At The Dome : Live Review
1st April 2016, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

Dissonance has become a buzzword in the Metal community. Known for its cacophonic tendencies the word tends get thrown around to enrich a band whos sound maybe be somewhat lacking. Returning back in 2013 an enriched line up ushered in the phenomenal return of Gorguts. Having released one of the most truly dissonant albums of their time, the classic Obscura to say the band are pioneers of the genre would be an injustice. Now shortly before unveiling their brand new EP Pleadies Dust our Canadian brethren roll into town to deliver an unlistenable sermon.

Gorguts Announce March European Tour With Support
23rd November 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Gorguts have recently announced that they shall be playing in Europe this coming March and shall be joined by a whole host of fantastic support.

An Interview With : Dave Haley (Psycroptic)
23rd September 2015, 15:10
Posted by Tristan

Releasing their brand new self titled record this year see’s Psycroptic advance even further in the ranks of Technical Death metal leaders. Lucky enough to catch Tazmanian torrent on their tour through the UK we sat down and spoke to one of the most important cogs in the Psycroptic machine, Dave Haley. Known far and wide for their musical prowess both brothers Dave and Joe are the musical masterminds behind the band. Combining air tight precision with boundless creativity  we were able to speak to the drummer to see just what Psycroptic’s year has been like since their new album’s release.

Live Review : Brujeria + Psycroptic + Cryptopsy + Nervosa
17th August 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Line ups are one of the most crucial elements of putting a tour together. . Hailing from Brazil we have the all female cast of Nervosa, followed by the Tasmanian imports that are Psycroptic. Moving over the pond to Los Angeles we have the Mexican themed Brujeria and to top it all off we have our Canadian friends in Cryptopsy seeing us through to the end of the night. With tonight’s offering bringing all kinds of musical diversity from all over the globe, The Dome is Metal’s embassy.

Psycroptic Show The “Echoes To Come”
4th November 2014, 23:00
Posted by Tristan
Aussie tech metallers return to the scene with their first single.