Psycroptic Show The “Echoes To Come”
4th November 2014, 23:00
Posted by Tristan

Tasmanian terrors Psycroptic announced not only that they have signed with a new label last week but that they would be releasing a brand new song today!

The song itself “Echoes To Come” is very much more of the same Psycroptic. Although more of the same there aren’t any other bands that sound even remotely similar. The death metal maestros are masters at creating slightly off kilter death metal and their signature tightness is prevalent more than ever. “Echoes To Come” is the first single to be released off their forthcoming self titled album and is full of groove. With much more mature songwriting that sees their riff heavy assault actually retain place in your memory instead of falling prey to the all to easily forgetful tech death. The chorus itself is chock full of blastbeats but one of the highlights is the masterful use of acoustic guitar.

There are even elements that remind of the hard-core legends Terror although they may be rhythmically technical there’s no shortage of groove. Whilst not only available for streaming the band have made the song available to purchase via iTunes.

Enjoy the song  and ensure to pick up Psycroptic’s self titled new album early 2015!