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Album Review : The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
17th September 2015, 08:30
Posted by Tristan

Of the classic storylines in the world one of the most pertinent is the concept of good vs evil. Frequently resulting in our positive counterparts triumphing over the terrifying and often dwarfing enemies. Portrayed in innumerous ways throughout history hell has been one of the most influential. From the abstract ideas of hell being relative, each person living their own personal nightmare to the brash unadulterated horrors of the world below. Delving into the unknown to find the elusive Elisabeth Short this locale is familiar to the Detroit born destroyers.

Album Review : Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
6th August 2015, 10:45
Posted by Tristan

Entering the era that is now called the Anthropocene we, as humans are very much active in the destruction of our own planet. The Anthropocene era is one where the humans’ effect on the planet is beginning to be felt. Not only in well developed countries but the third world and even the sea itself. Through Carbon emissions, pollution and over population, to use the band’s own words “We Are All Horrible People”. With our shepherds arriving to forewarn us of our imposing doom, Cattle Decapitation show us that if we continue taking advantage of our planet we will soon face The Anthropocene Extinction.

An Interview With : Jordan Mancino (Wovenwar)
19th June 2015, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

Deciding to take the high road the remaining members of As I Lay Dying decided to instead begin a new. After the events that occured took place the band didn’t want to have a rebrand of the band, an AILD 2.0 if you will, instead the band began their new vision Wovenwar. Prior to performing at their London show this May we were able to catch up with drummer man Jordan Mancino. Speaking of the band themselves, how it has been working back up the ladder and what it is like to be back in the driving seat with a new name and a new band.

An Interview With : Dan Briggs (Between The Buried And Me)
18th June 2015, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

Releasing potentially their most important album of their career, Between The Buried And Me will be returning to our ears this summer. Whilst patiently waiting for their most ambitious record yet Coma Ecliptic, we were able to speak to bassist and one of Between The Buried And Me’s musical masterminds Dan Briggs about what the story will entail on this new venture, how it was moving from Victory Records to Metal Blade and their evolution from being an almost hardcore / metal band to the forerunners of Progressive Metal today. Along with the possibility of the band performing the new album in its entirety on tour…

Revocation And Phil Dubois Part Ways
16th June 2015, 16:45
Posted by Tristan

Sad news from the Revocation camp today as we have learnt that the absolute beast that is Phil Dubois has decided to step down from the drum kit.

Rivers Of Nihil Announce New Album
12th June 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

After their absolutely brilliant debut album The Conscious Seed Of Light, Rivers Of Nihil have become somewhat of a cult act, now we see their return with the announcement of their brand new album.

Album Review : The Great Discord – Duende
29th May 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Though not much may be known about the elusive band, let us take you through the disconcerting progressive journey that is Duende.

An Interview With : Joe Axler (Theories)
28th May 2015, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Bursting onto the scene with their brand new debut Regression, Theories have concocted some of the most vehement contortion of metal this year. Creating a genre straddling line between death metal influences, grindcore delivery and all out aggression. We spoke to drummer Joe Axler about the band’s first release with Metal Blade, what exactly it’s like to be young band in today’s day and age and THAT Cattle Decapitation tour that very almost lived up to its name!

An Interview With : Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under)
25th May 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

We spoke Chris Barnes of death metal legends Six Feet Under about their new record Crypt Of The Devil…