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Blazing A Trail : You Need To Hear Firespawn
21st February 2017, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Supergroups can sometimes be very hit and miss. Often sounding like an amalgamation of their respective bands it’s a real pleasure when a group is able to form a sound entirely independent of their namesakes. Unlike the somewhat paint it by numbers seen by the likes of say, Killer Be Killed, who are by no means a bad band, the groil are simply quite predictable. Delegating each vocalist a task. In 2015 we saw the arrival of the latest supergroup in a more Death Metal outlook, Firespawn.

An Interview With : Victor Brandt (Firespawn)
15th January 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

The term supergroup can sometimes be thrown around for lack of a better name. Deciding to join forces last year saw the release of one of the best Death Metal albums yet, with both LG Petrov and Victor Brandt of Entombed AD fame along with guitarist Fredrik Folkare of Unleashed, Matte Madiro and Alex the band created a fantastic take on the classic Death Metal formula. Victor kindly enough sat down with us to talk about the debut record, what it’s like being a fan of Death Metal in the modern day and the unlikely hero of the album, melody.

Shadow Realms
Album Review : Firespawn – Shadow Realms
10th November 2015, 15:37
Posted by Tristan

Death Metal isn’t quite the same as it used to be. With bands appearing left right and center the genre is an ever changing entity. Deciding that their respective bands just weren’t a destructive enough output L.G. Petrov, the man behind the inaugural grunts of Entombed, Victor Brandt Entombed’s new guitarist, Unleashed axe man Fredrik Folkare, bringing up the rear with A. Impaler form Folkare’s sister band Necrophobic and finally sticks man Matte Modin we welcome the age of Firespawn.