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Download 2017 – The Year The Sun Shone (Friday)
14th June 2017, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

As Britain was slowly coming down from the snap election high, Theresa May was forced into an uncomfortable position, whilst Labour supporters were fully into what many are now calling The Corbyn Effect. Not scheduled to land together, the overall result following Friday morning’s news set the tone perfectly for an absolutely fantastic three day break away to one of the best European events, Download Festival.

All You Need To Check Out At Download 2017
2nd June 2017, 11:05
Posted by Tristan

Hard to believe that we are now six months into the year of 2017. Thus far we’ve had the great orange tango monster up to his usual tricks once more, a divided English parliament that has called for a snap election and far more importantly some brilliant releases. Yet as we hit the halfway mark its also indicative of yet another mainstay of the year, Download Festival 2017.

Download Adds More Bands To It’s Boasting Roster
4th April 2017, 12:58
Posted by Tristan

The same day as the brilliant announcement that Sikth would be releasing their brand new album, so did the folks over at Download Festival announce a shed load more bands! 

An Interview With : Joe Copcutt (Zoax)
22nd September 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

One of the many beauties that is found within music is its bountiful, ever expanding canvas of genre. Despite performing at what is one of the biggest Metal festivals in England, Zoax are not quite the classic definition of heavy. Owing to their various members ever changing taste in music gives the band a rich palette of differentiation within music. Allowing for not only musical creativity to be rife within the band but the art of expression within music to be one that is unique. Making waves throughout the London scene, Zoax have slowly but surely been crafting their own niche. With premiere’s over at Radio One courtesy of Mr Dan Carter and the like the band return for their third appearance at Download Festival this year climbing ever higher on the bill. Speaking to the delightly Joe Copcutt we were able to get an idea into what life was like in the cycle of Zoax or is it ZO-AX or Zoox? Ask Joe…

An Interview With : Jon Rice (Scorpion Child)
14th September 2016, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

The idea of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been around long before my time. The classics we all know and love formed in the foundations of what was the beginnings of a movement that would continue on far into the future. As a result of its fierce staying power Rock ‘n’ Roll has had somewhat of a revival of late. One particular band flying the flag for the genre are the Texan madmen Scorpion Child. Releasing their brand new album Acid Roulette this year the band unveil the idea of the concept album revolving around prison and a favourite past time of the rockers of old, acid. Speaking to drumer Jon Rice we were able to get behind the story of the brand new album along with the bands appearance at Download Festival.

A Download 2016 Interview With : David Sanchez (Havok)
18th August 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Rooted in the questioning of what we are told, Thrash Metal as a genre has always had somewhat of an inquisitive nature. Consistently questioning to believe what we are told, it is in a sense a revolution in itself. Primed at the time of the likes of the Cold War the classic themes of indoctrination have scarcely left Thrash’s vocabulary. Seeing a resurgence in the movement of late the new wave of Thrash Metal bands have begun to carry the torch of this questioning manner. One Colorado born Havok are leader of the proverbial pack, having released their previous ripper Unnatural Selection the band are now ready to enter a new chapter in their history. Performing at this year’s Download Festival we had the pleasure of speaking to main muso David Sanchez about the band’s forthcoming new album, set for a fall release via Century Media, Al Di Meola and some of the bands plans in the coming months.

A Download 2016 Interview With : Dave Witte and Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste)
4th August 2016, 09:00
Posted by Tristan

With the election looming ever closer America is beginning to truly understand the potential devastation that Trump might bring about to the US. Attention is so rife that even band’s have been getting in on the action. Known for their “Don’t give a fuck” attitude Municipal Waste are easily one of the band’s that come to mind when thinking of rebellion. Shortly before performing their blistering set at Download we were lucky enough to be able to speak to both Dave Witte and Tony Foresta about the band. Revealing at progress has been for their brand new album to be recorded very soon we spoke about the current life of Municipal Waste and it’s logistical gymnastics , Thrash and of course THAT t shirt.

A Download Interview With : Jake Bowen (Periphery)
20th July 2016, 13:30
Posted by Tristan

Returning this year with one of the band’s most compelling albums since their inception, Periphery are set to level their past with the absolutely brilliant Select Difficulty. Known for their near faultless live performances, we caught the band at their Encore Stage slot delivering the goods with pin point accuracy. Fortunately we were able to speak to guitarist and one sixth of the musical entity that is Periphery, Jake Bowen. Illuminating what is to be expected on the new album, the bands inner workings and how after releasing their double album coup Juggernaut the band are straight back at it once again with their brand new album.

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Download Festival 2016 : Live Review
17th June 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

The sense of anticipation seen for England’s Download Festival from its fans is something that many will never truly understand unless you were there to witness it first hand. The master of the “you just had to be there” quote. Formerly the host to the gargantuan Monsters of Rock has since become hallowed ground in the realm of the Metal world. Barricading ourselves away from the modern world for yet another three days Download 2016 might not have had the kindest of weather but with a spirit as tenacious as that of a Metal head it’s no matter. Across three days varying with four stages we were treated to some of the pedigree acts of both the modern and timeless classics creating a beautiful tapestry of classic influences to the likes of the forward thinking band’s leading the charge on modern Metal. Welcome to Download 2016.

Ten Bands You Have To Check Out At Download Festival 2016
7th June 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

The arrival of June signals the imminent release of summer, at last the sun has come to sparingly greet our British Isles and though the forecast might be slightly murkier than perhaps we wanted, I for one am in high spirits that the fields in Donington this weekend will weather the storm. For anyone heading down to the eponymous festival this weekend we have picked ten band’s that among the Demi God status of our headliners truly demand your attention. Whether in a tent or on main stage these bands are the ones to watch.

Download Announces New Band
6th May 2016, 10:31
Posted by Tristan

The Fox God would be proud.

Even More Bands Added to Download 2016
8th February 2016, 15:21
Posted by Tristan

Taking to BBC Radio 1 last night Download announced even more bands that will be performing at this year’s instalment of the festival.