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Chon Are California Dreamin’ With New LP Homey
17th June 2017, 10:10
Posted by Tristan

Known for its laid back attitude, California is the stoner of the western world. Known for being both the sides those who are so relaxed you think they might fall over and the out and out disgustingly rich, its a state that has a lot going on. Wanting to soak up the former type of vibe, musical virtuosos Chon holed themselves up at a beach house and recorded one of the most chilled out records you’ll hear and a perfect anthem for those who might not be digging the summer top forty on radio.

Chon Are In The Studio
31st January 2017, 13:23
Posted by Tristan

The instrumental troupe are currently recording their forthcoming record a follow to their 2015 effort, Grow.