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Trappist 11
Ten Metal Bands That Would Fit Perfectly On Trappist1
23rd February 2017, 19:12
Posted by Tristan

So there we have it! NASA have made a huge potentially life changing discovery in finding Trappist1 and seven earth like inhabitable planets. So naturally we thought, what would happen if you were to send Metal bands out to space and what Metal bands would be the spaciest? So we give you, Ten Metal Bands That Would Fit Perfectly On Trappist1!

Album Review : Aversions Crown – Xenocide
18th January 2017, 16:09
Posted by Tristan

Throughout cultural history the idea that we are not alone has been a fascinating one. Spanning years, aliens have always been a hot topic amongst fiction, even causing the public to believe a radio reading of War of The Worlds was real! Embedded into society’s culture, no doubt in aid to the likes of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, the overall idea is that aliens are probably not going to be very nice when we have an encounter of The Fourth Kind and now we get to know what they would all have on their stereos…

Aversions Crown Release New Video
12th January 2017, 10:45
Posted by Tristan

Enter the “Prismatic Abyss” with our Aussie pals in Aversions Crown

Aversions Crown Release “Soulless Acolyte” Track
16th December 2016, 16:37
Posted by Tristan

A third example of what is incoming on the latest Aversions Crown release and it doesn’t disappoint.

Aversions Crown Trailer Number Two Up
14th December 2016, 18:45
Posted by Tristan

For those who are looking to get their 2017 off to a raging start look no further than Aversions Crown, check out their second trailer in waiting for their brand new album Xenocide.

Aversions Crown Unveil First In Series Of Trailers For Xenocide
6th December 2016, 18:34
Posted by Tristan

As the cycle for their brand new album Xenocide begins, Aussie alien Metallers, Aversions Crown kick things off in this first studio trailer. 

Aversions Crown Announce Xenocide In January
25th November 2016, 18:26
Posted by Tristan

And to celebrate the band have released a brand new song titled “Ophiophagy”.