Rammstein To Return In 2017
10th June 2015, 22:14
Posted by Chris

Those of you eagerly waiting an return of the German metal titans will have to wait a while longer, but there’s a timeframe!

In a recent interview with MusikUniverse, Till Lindemann was sidetracked into talking about a return of Rammstein where he did indicate the band plan to start production on a new album in September. He said:

We start pre-production in September now, in the fall. Normally, Rammstein production takes at least two years, so… but we start in September, basically.

If this is the truth it will be Rammstein’s longest gap between albums, with ‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da‘ being released in 2009. If the band do begin album production in September, we will surely hear some new info regarding the bands revival!