Leprous Release First New Song From Malina 
19th June 2017, 11:29
Posted by Tristan

At last! Finally fans of Leprous can hear the brand new sounds the band have been experimenting with.

Not content with just carrying as so many bands do Leprous are fast becoming one of the leading voices in Prog. Following on from their hectic touring schedule that came with the release of The Congregation, the band even released their own DVD chronicling their performance in their native Norway!

The difference from Coal to The Congregation was substantial but then again it always seems to be. I remember stumbling upon Leprous in the Tall Poppy Syndrome days and thinking well, they’re just another Opeth copy cat. Little did I know that they would blossom into what they are now! With their brand new album Melina set to be released August 25th the band have shown us their Prog driven hand with their brand new video “From The Flame“.

The video itself is really tastefully done and has some great shots of both the band our two protagonists as they make their way through the story together until the final section. The kind of characters they build in the short space of time though is quite remarkable! Now for the songs itself.

Building on what foundations they laid on their previous material the song itself might only be just under four minutes long but it echoes more the grandeur that was presented in their latest work than what the band have released previously. Thinking more in context of what the song will need itself the use of Einar Solberg’s vocals still wow and amaze whilst the restrained guitar work compliments the song perfectly to enable the listener to have a well thought out thread to work with. This might just be the tip of the iceberg but it has made me incredibly excited for what is to come from Leprous’ brand new offering!

Leprous’ brand new album is set for an August 25th release via Inside Out.