Next To None’s “The Apple” Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree
5th June 2017, 13:27
Posted by Tristan

In keeping with the classic Train of Thought quote from “Honour Thy Father“, spelled out by Max Portnoy’s father the drum deity Mike Portnoy, where he says “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” it will take on a new meaning in Max’s band, Next To None have created their own story entirely from their brand new album.

Making your own name whilst having the shadow of you fathers achievements is always going to attract some flack from fans. Son of the Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, Max Portnoy first unveiled his new project Next To None on their 2015 beginning A Light In The Dark. Returning now with their brand new album Phases, the band have unveiled their latest single and though there are some good things about it, there are some bad too.

For a start the introduction sounds borderline identical to the Judas Priest classic “Painkiller” which leaves a little more to be desired from the band. Following on from the introduction the song introduces eight string style guitar that stomps in a similar fashion to the likes of After The Burial but what really takes the biscuit is the bridge section where our vocalist clearly states

“I was never good with metaphors but these are not my words they’re yours. They say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the pear or something like that, well guess what grandma needs a new pair of shoes.”

Hang on a minute. Where did that come from? It could be that the singer is referencing something that we’re not meant to get which is cool, I understand that element in bands that they like to have a little bit of a in joke but something as badly done as that is just a little cringe worthy, especially when its followed by Miss May I style vocals afterwards. It just reminds me of Atilla. Not to mention the fact that the saying is “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the TREE” not the PEAR. The song itself doesn’t have much appeal to me either, perhaps the other tracks on the album will fare better, I sincerely hope so! Make your own mind up about it here.

Next To None’s brand new album is set for a July 7th release via Inside Out.