New Tool Album Details Potentially Leaked
16th July 2016, 19:28
Posted by Chris

No, we’re not kidding this time. Apparently a source close to the band has managed to get a hold of the details surrounding the new Tool album…

A thread started on Reddit has released the name and tracklist of the first Tool album in 10 years. It will be appropriately titled ‘Decem‘ and the monsterous tracklist is as follows:

Disc 1:
1. Abscissa (13:47)
2. The Awakening (12:03)
3. Gematria (Act I) (14:33)
4. Regresolution (13:56)
5. Divinotus (12:45)
6. Astral (Act II) (12:21)

Disc 2:
7. Descending (13:53)
8. Decem (12:22)
9. Lesous (Act III) (12:43)
10. Principles of March (12:01)
11. Pascal’s Wager (13:46)
12. Zeta (Act IV) (14:27)

The source goes on to say:

“I think Tool has been leading us on in the press. I absolutely cannot reveal my sources for this. Let’s just say that the mixing process has happened.”

We’ve fallen for stuff like this before, but I must say this is pretty elaborate. If true we’re in for a new double Tool album with over two and a half hours worth of music…

Let’s hope this information becomes official!