Minions Love Metal! 
1st July 2015, 20:23
Posted by Tristan

Having just returned from seeing the brand new movie Minions, it would seem that our little yellow friends are fans of music of a heavier nature. 

Set as prequel to the now classic Despicable Me, Minions chronicles the tales of our little yellow friends before they met their truly incredible criminal mastermind Gru. With a stellar cast featuring Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton and Jennifer Saunders its a fantastic movie for everyone. The story revolves around our three little yellow men Stewart, Kevin and Bob. Getting themselves into some hilarious situations the film is a great introduction to the not quite French, not quite Spanish not quite English speaking little dudes. 

However there is one that shines among all of them, throughout the film Stewart is seen idolising the guitar. Seeing it in shop windows, or hearing it in the surroundings it’s not until near the final section of the film that we see him obtain an electric guitar and bust out VAN HALEN‘s “Eruption“. Truly a moment that made me and I am sure all of you proud to be a metal head. Even the English guards let their hair down to headbang… Check the trailer out below, it’s definitely worth a watch! 

Minions is out now and is worth every bit of your Metal attention!