Leprous Announce DVD
29th September 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Everyone’s favourite Norwegian crooners will be releasing their first DVD titled Live At Rockefeller Music Hall. 

On the back of touring their fantastic The Congregation album, Leprous made the bold decision to recapture their truly phenomenal live performance at Rockefeller Music Hall in their native Norway. Recorded at the venue in Oslo on June 4th of this year the album will be arriving in a multitude of formats ranging from vinyl to DVD/CD and all sorts of other options from stand alone DVD to triple LP or 2CD… 

Check out the track listing for the show here : 

1. The Flood

2. Foe

3. Third Law

4. Rewind

5. The Cloak

6. Acquired Taste

7. Red

8. Slave

9. The Price

10. Moon

11. Down

12. The Valley

13. Forced Entry

14. Contaminate Me

The DVD will also feature some extras including : 

1. Behind The Scenes

2. Slave (Lyric Video)

3. Restless (Video Clip)

4. The Cloak (Video Clip)

5. The Price (Video Clip)

6. Leprous At Rockefeller 13 Years Earlier