Helloween Debut “Battle’s Won”
20th April 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan


Helloween have announced that they will be releasing their brand new album My God Given Right this year, after revealing album details the band have at last released a new lyrics video for the song “Battle’s Won” though lyric videos get a lot of stick, personally I think this one is made fantastically. With the pumpkin heads running riot its the usual Helloween formula.

Fast shredding guitar, along with the soaring vocals that conjure up their more power metal elements, whilst of course retaining their heavy metal background. A tasteful little solo thrown in makes this a fantastic example of what to expect from My God Given Right. The lyrical matter seem’s to revolve around current issues of the world. Warfare and the like, which is different to the more fantasy oriented musings of Keeper Of The Seven Keys era Helloween, it shall be interesting to see what the rest of the album’s subject matter might be, either way you can whet your appetite with this first single!

Helloween’s brand new album My God Given Right is set for a June 1st release via Nuclear Blast and you can preorder the album here!