Fleshgod Apocalypse Live At The Underworld : Live Review
18th March 2016, 18:49
Posted by Tristan

Whilst the rest of the world began to collectively fund Guiness’ breweries for yet another year, among the many gig happening in Camden tonight we were transported to The Underworld. Having released their brand new flawless record King, Fleshgod Apocalypse have begun a new chapter in their symphonic story. Taking elements from the much loved Classical movement and splicing them together with Death Metal at last the band have created a palpable world to let their music thrive in and tonight a sold out Underworld will witness these new kings save for one queen in concerto.

17th March 2016
The Underworld, Camden
Support Bands: Hades Almighty, Xerath

Before that however there were two excellent support bands ensures that the crowd was well warmed up. Taking first shot was Hades Almighty, having just announced a split with Black Metal ruiners Drudkh are slowly but surely making waves across the scene and with their quick just over half hour performance tonight the band rouse our Guiness hat wearing fellow into a suitable state for tonight’s activities.


Slowly but surely Xerath have been chipping away at the UK scene. Last year alone saw them support Periphery in April and Bloodstock in August and now touring with our band tonight. Having released three albums becoming increasingly better with each release the band are at last seeming to get the traction that they deserve. With a relatively packed out Underworld here tonight the weighty riffs of the likes of “Machine Insurgency” whilst a musical assault retain a sense of groove that reverberates throughout the Underworld here tonight. Conor McGouran’s leads positively soar throughout the PA tonight making for a definite highlight.


Amidst the chaos its all smiles from the band as they are clearly truly humbled by the earth shattering screams of approval as the band near the end of their set. Frontman Rich Thomson is on fine form today saluting previous member Chris Clark no doubt making him feel suitably embarrassed along with a punter that didn’t get understand when it was that you’re meant to stage dive. With charisma as big as his stature the frontman is engaging whilst also welcoming fans no doubt and definitely new tonight. Set to be writing their new album this year Xerath might finally crack the Metal code that would see them begin their ascent.


As the stage is set with incredible precision the Fleshgod Apocalypse calling card of a piano is wheeled onstage immediately giving a sense of the ostentatious that these Italians thrive on. As the lights dim the impervious introduction of “Marche Royale” convenes our assembly of melancholic conduits into the sound of classical. Shortly afterwards this opulence is dispelled completely with the arrival of “In Aeternum” that sees both stage and crowd coalesce into a whirlwind, dressed for the occasion each member wears their costume proudly eschewing any ideas of kitsch and in fact enhancing the nights proceedings to no end.


Fighting a war on both fronts the band flank melody with aggression. Amidst the flurry of riffs the absolutely brilliant piercing vocals of our masked maiden at the back enhances the bands lavish renditions of “The Minotaur” and the likes of Agony number “The Deceit“. Often as can be the case with Death Metal bands owing to the complex nature of the music sound can be lost. Couple that now with subtle affluences of Classical and it could be a logistical nightmare. Nevertheless the band know exactly where their sound is going at all times. The piano flurries on “Requiem In Si Minore” glide out of the newly revamped PA perhaps bemusing some of the bands younger fan base with their throwback choice. Standing imperviously as classical edifices each member commands their relevant instrument with our resident Tomasso Riccardi acting as a deranged conductor of sorts, pausing only to toast before the arrival of King banger “Cold As Perfection”.


As tonight’s sold out performance continues the relentless pace is no obstacle owing to the sheer spectacle put forward. Unleashing yet another new track “The Fool” the band enrapture each and every person here tonight. Finishing with a triumphant bang as the crowd is showered with confetti, Fleshgod Apocalypse are fast absconding the likes of The Underworld. Having just wrapped up a US tour with fantastic attendance and having released an album at last that illuminates the dark reaches of the bands sound, Fleshgod Apocalypse could well and truly be mainstays in the Symphonic Metal Arena. As the last confetti falls silence once again descends upon the Underworld gluttonously drinking in the absolute banquet of sound that was put forth tonight.