Five Tracks That Would Be Your Soundtrack To The Zombie Apocalypse
10th February 2017, 12:24
Posted by Tristan

And they’re not all “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. 

One of the most inspired movie choices ever, Zombieland is a personal favourite and no doubt close to our readers’ hearts. So we thought, what if the producers of the film were to go a little heavier? If Danny Boyle had a penchant for Carcass or if George A. Romero was a Broken Hope fan. This is our top five Death Metal Songs To have in a Zombie Apocalypse. 

Kill Or Become” – Cannibal Corpse

Pretty straightforward this one. Spearheaded by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher‘s Neolithic howls the chorus of “Hack their fucking heads off” couldn’t be more apt. Describing what we have all thought about whilst watching The Walking Dead or if you’re lucky enough to have played Dead Rising, acted out in a mall in your teens! 

Zombie Ritual” – Death 

It might be seen as an obvious choice but the earliest incarnation of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death knew exactly what the slow moving decomposed dudes would be rocking out to. Contrarily to its polarising sound later in the band’s discography, here the focus was deadly speed with a kind of Punk edge all the whole shrouded in darkness. You can bet if Brad Pitt would have had headphones in World War Z this would have been on it. 

The Goatrider’s Horde” – 3 Inches Of Blood 

Screaming than Halford in testicle clamps, Cam Pipes leads the attack on this one. A absolute classic from start to finish Fire Up The Blades is truly a hidden gem. Genius song meriting keeps the adrenaline topped up at dangerous levels, that would make my sixteen year old self air guitar the night away. Whether it remind you of Lord of The Rings or a Zombie holocaust, the sheer idea of being faced in a Bruce Campbell like situation with a chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun in the other, well what better song would be playing? “I’m in command!!”

99“- The Haunted

Panting, out of breath a wave of relief washes over you as you escape the Horde of bloodthirsty fiends as their quest for another human juice box is thwarted, or so you thought. Falling through the floor you thought was so steady, luckily landing on your feet not before making more noise than all the collective drunks of the world stumbling at 4am after a big one. Shit. Rampaging through the outside, you hear their breath quicken in anticipation of their new found prize. As you near your end, as your enemies near you, understanding there’s no real way out, headphones on and think of those “ninety nine useless fucking ways to die” and kick some zombie ass Swedish style! 

Inanimate” – Abysmal Dawn 

What better way to finish off our list than with the absolutely crushing first single from Abysmal Dawn’s vicious Obsolescence released in 2015. The anvil heavy main riff being a personal favourite of the year until its arachnid like Second section comes forward, lacerating riffs cutting down the opposition. If you were to put this bad boy ok there would be no living dead left.