Fallujah Release Playthrough of “Amber Gaze” 
4th May 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Having released their brand new album Dreamless just last week Fallujah aren’t content with having three singles and decided to release another!

Taken from GearGods the video features a play through of their head obliterating track “Amber Gaze“. Despite the incredible power brought from Baird behind the kit there lies a sense of delicacy, fluttering cymbals compliment the music perfectly and to be able to see the man pull it off is just another testament to the bands technical ability.

No doubt within Metal drumming Baird has to be fast climbing up the ranks both in sense of speed and accuracy the man is a machine. Enough of me talking turn you (amber) gaze to the video…

Fallujah’s brand new album is out now.