Darkest Hour Detail “Timeless Numbers” Single
6th January 2017, 18:02
Posted by Tristan

Whilst the Metal world is losing its mind over another new single, the master of melody Darkest Hour have premiered a brand new track “Timeless Numbers“. 

Previously unveiling their first single “Knife In The Safe Room” it was clear that Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora was not going to be messing about. Releasing on March 10th the band tease us more with a second single. 

Acting similarly to the first track released the song is fast and pretty full on, though there is a momentary infiltration of brilliant melody that comes in on a wicked solo by who I am guessing is none other than Lonestar… Nevertheless the song is pretty dissonant and will definitely satisfy long time Darkest Hour fans. 

Listen to the track and see for yourself but I think this could be one of the year’s truly triumphant returns. Preorder it here.