Black Breath To Release Slaves Beyond Death
28th July 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

At long last the wait is finally over, after delivering one of the most intense records of 2012 we can now announce that Black Breath will return with their third release Slaves Beyond Death.

With previous effort Sentenced To Life, earning the band even more exposure than previous. Along with their sensational live shows the band have created quite the following for themselves. Unleashing their brand new album this September, the new record will be the band’s third effort. Recorded throughout winter in 2014 the band holed up in God City studios with none other than Converge mad man Kurt Ballou to record the brand new album.

With their previous effort topping the destructive path that was laid with the band’s Heavy Breathing effort it will be interesting to see where the band might decide to go next. Having always had groove as a cornerstone of the band’s sound, I would imagine that, the very Entombed name of Slaves Beyond Death will definitely carry on this tradition. Artwork for the album was handled by the ever talented Paolo Girardi who has just recently finished up work on extensive reissues of Inquisition’s back catalogue.

Slaves Beyond Death Track listing :

1. Pleasure, Pain, Disease
2. Slaves Beyond Death
3. Reaping Flesh
4. Seed Of Cain
5. Arc Of Violence
6. A Place Of Insane Cruelty
7. Burning Hate
8. Chains Of The Afterlife

Black Breath’s brand new Slaves Beyond Death will be available via Southern Lord September 25th.