Behemoth Perform Without Make-Up & Stage Set
21st August 2014, 17:00
Posted by Chris


Logistical screw-ups are nothing uncommon in the touring business, and this time it has hit the Polish titans Behemoth. However, it didn’t seem to bother them…

Behemoth, due to play at the Motocultur Festival in France were informed that their equipment and stage show would not make it in time for the performance, yet in true metal fashion Behemoth were going to play anyway to give fans a rare make-up-less show.

It is all too easy to throw a hissy fit about things not arriving or things not working (Till Lindemann of Rammstein being a notorious perpetrator of this) when you are in a big metal band, but Behemoth just know how to make it flawlessly work under any circumstances.

Watch the video below: